A new member to the creative team

Say hello to our new member of the Marketing Team Lauren.  Lauren joins Vision Techniques and brings with her a bundle of creativity and design ideas.  Fully conversant with the Adobe suite Lauren will be responsible for the creation of our brochures, catalogues, video content, exhibition design, our social media channels and will be working on our new website which is coming soon!!

A keen runner with local running team Ossy joggers, she recently completed her first marathon…. the day before she started at Vision Techniques ouch!!  Her attitude to her work, her bubbly personality is really refreshing and she has settled into VT life very quickly.  Welcome to the team Lauren!

So you can get to know her a little bit better we asked her three questions so here goes

Favourite Film? –

Little Miss Sunshine – didn’t have to think about it

If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party – alive or dead who would they be and why? –

Reese Witherspoon – because she would be the best company

Alan Carr for the funny factor

Freddie Mercury – Because we would have such a good time, we would have a ball

If you could have only one drink for the rest of you like what would it be?

Decaff coffee, sorry if the d word offends you, I have to think about my health in the long term

Lauren has already made an impact on the business in her short time at VT, so its exciting to see what is to come. Watch this space…..