Innovative road safety from Vision Techniques

A quick look at the latest news always reveals more cyclist deaths caused by road accidents. In November alone, there’s been a multitude of accidents, many of which the result of a collision with a van, or other HGV. There’s was a 10% increase in cyclist fatalities, from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012, and a 4% rise in serious injuries from 3,085 to 3,222 in the same time period.

Critical accidents on today’s roads

A few of the latest news stories include a cyclist, who’s currently suffering serious injuries in hospital, following a crash with a van near Wrexham. The accident happened on Tuesday 18th November and unfortunately the driver did not stop. In another case the week before, on 14th November, a female cyclist died following a collision with a lorry in Denbighshire. These are just two of the many cases, which are occurring far too frequently of late. Making improvements to driver and cyclist safety is becoming more critical than ever and the use of modern technology to aid safe driving has become a must.

While education about road safety is a good basis and absolutely essential to lower the number of accidents on the road, the fitting of road safety technology is also important and can help to give drivers that peace of mind. Even with good education and by following road safety procedures, you can’t prevent accidents 100 per cent of the time. There are still blind spots and other errors that can be made, both of which are significantly reduced by road safety equipment.

A full service from Vision Techniques

At Vision Techniques, we’re working hard to become one of the industry leaders in transport safety. We’re constantly working to develop innovative products for HGV’s that improve safety and make the job of driving more comfortable. Our team installs every product we sell from our range, ensuring it meets our high standards and does the job it was designed for. 24/7 customer service is also available should it be required.

Top of the range technology to protect road users

TurnSafe is one of our stand out products that has been proven to make driving safely on the roads easier. The range comprises of TurnAlarm, which makes cyclists and pedestrians more aware of your presence as you make difficult turns, through the use of LED lights and a speaker alarm system; the brand new TurnSign, which improves cyclists awareness with a flashing sign that can be made active prior to and during turning; TurnSensor, to audibly alert the driver if there is danger down the side of the vehicle or within the blind spot through the use of ultrasonic proximity sensors; and TurnCamera, to capture the activity within your blind spot whenever you turn.

To find out more about the TurnSafe range, or any product within it, don’t hesitate to call the Vision Techniques team. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and explain the aftercare you’ll receive as a Vision Techniques customer.

Have you tried TurnSafe yet? If so, tell us the impact it’s had on your driving experience by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @VisionTechnique