Commercial vehicle safety cameras

Commercial vehicle safety cameras – Essential for safety

Commercial vehicle safety cameras are an essential part of any fleets safety.  Here at Vision Techniques, we have a full spectrum of vehicle cameras to suit all your vehicle CCT requirements.  We have blended together a host of commercial vehicle cameras.  We give you greater functionality, reliability to be trusted and aesthetically pleasing too. We know that it can be a minefield trying to find the right cameras.  However, with our experience, we can advise you on the best options to purchase.

Here are a few pointers to get you started.


Commercial vehicles account for less than 1.7% of vehicles on the road but account for 18% of accidents. Fleets across the UK are keen to work with us to help counteract this by rear camera installation.  Rear cameras are an essential addition to any commercial vehicle camera installation.  Reversing cameras provide safety, promote driver best practice, help reduce accidental repair costs and provide a deterrent for fraudulent claims.  Regardless of what machine or vehicle you are driving the rear blind spot is a huge problem. The rear cameras provide drivers with an invaluable visual aid to the surroundings of the rear of the vehicle.

Our VT ALPHA REAR Camera provides drivers with an invaluable visual aid to the surroundings of the rear of the vehicle.  Robust in design with a powder-coated metal casing our this camera is a tough dependable addition to your safety equipment.

commercial vehicle cameras



Ball cameras come in many specifications, One of our most popular ball cameras is our  VT ALPHA BALL camera. This versatile camera is fitted within a saddle housing so it can be positioned anywhere on the vehicle.  Our best- selling wide-angle camera is available in true or reverse image, standard or high definition giving you a full choice of specifications to choose from.

commercial vehicle cameras



The nearside blind spot is accountable for many collisions, aerodynamic in design to fit on the side of your vehicle  VT ALPHA WEDGE camera eliminates these types of blind spots.  Durable but lightweight this wide-angled view camera is built to withstand the rigours of daily life.  Direct Vision standards require a nearside camera to gain your one-star rating Our Alpha Ball camera goes beyond a one-star rating.

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Typically for recording and vehicle CCTV purposes these miniature cameras are unobtrusive in design and sit within the cab.  Our Alpha Nano camera is a forward-facing miniature camera and is one of the smallest compact cameras’ we offer.  VT ALPHA NANO is the perfect internal camera suitable for sitting on the dashboard or on the roof of the cab.  This micro camera is easy to adjust by rotating within its housing to ensure you position the viewing exactly where you need it.

commercial vehicle cameras


Our specialist range of commercial vehicle cameras covers every angle of the vehicle.  Whatever your vehicle or application, we have something to suit. Every product has been designed to integrate with all our existing vehicle safety systems.  Our specialist camera range is perfect for integration with our VT MONITORS and VT RECORD.   Our range is extensive so if you have a specialist application.  Take a look at our range.

commercial vehicle cameras


A new innovation from Vision Techniques.  VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 camera technology uses advanced technology to introduce one of the best performing night vision cameras.  Specifically developed for demanding environments.   This new advancement offers unbeatable day time HD clarity performance with the addition of enhanced night vision capabilities as a result this technology allows you to capture clear, high resolution, colour images even in areas where there are extreme low lighting levels.  The technology is available over a vast range of our commercial vehicle camera range so please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.