Auto braking technology and the emergency services

Emergency service vehicles are the first response to incidents and accidents, and there is little or no margin for error when it comes to driving these vehicles safely. To ensure emergency vehicles are as safe as possible, AEB and ABS technology is key.

At an accident site, a runaway emergency vehicle could cause further injury to casualties and have serious consequences; therefore it is vital that the correct technology is fitted to avoid incidents like this occurring. As AEB can sense danger, it will brake if a driver fails to brake themselves, preventing potential accidents from becoming a reality.

Common risks for emergency vehicle drivers

While emergency services drivers are some of the best you’ll find, it’s easy for simple mistakes to occur. In high-stress situations a number of mistakes might happen including:

  • Forgetting to apply the brakes when rapidly leaving vehicles to respond
  • Accidents when reversing into tight spaces in public areas
  • Incidents as a result of limited rear-end visibility
  • Slips and skids on the road due to high-speed response

The effectiveness of AEB technology has been investigated and shown to mitigate the severity of 53% of all rear end collisions, and rid the roads of 25% of rear end crashes completely (Schittenhelm, 2013). In fact, AEB has been proven to work on different roads, in the majority of weather conditions, and with a variety of subjects – from people, to objects, to cars. However, AEB alone won’t brake for drivers while reversing, as it’s only designed to avoid frontal crashes at present. Other technologies, such as VT Banksman, our reversing aid, have been designed to deal with the common incidents that occur while reversing.

Top technologies for emergency service vehicles

While braking technology, designed into a range of new vehicles, is sure to help the emergency services, there are a number of other products that will help to combat other driver difficulties.

Technology solution #1 Avoiding collisions with cyclists

VT TurnSafe offers a suite of products to help ensure cyclist safety. Featuring a cyclist detection system, an alarm, and a flashing sign to warn cyclists, drivers and cyclists will both be more aware of each other’s presence.

Technology solution #2 Recording essential footage of a crash

VT CrashCAM Plus offers peace of mind should an accident occur. It provides high definition footage, along with all the data you need, such as GPS, G-Sensor and speed analysis.

Technology solution #3 A handbrake failsafe system

VT BrakeSafe is ideal for vehicles that aren’t fitted with AEB yet. With this revolutionary new product, the handbrake applies automatically if a driver forgets – even with the ignition off!

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