A day in the life of….

Our team here at Vision Techniques is made up with a number of close knit teams, working together.  To give you a little insight into our teams we thought we would share a day in the life of one of our team members.

We start with one of our dedicated engineers affectionately known as “Turbo Tony”

MONDAY 5:30am
Remove myself from my favourite place, head for the bathroom washed and teeth brushed, slip into my work uniform with polished boots, fleece & body warmer on, work bag checked. say bye to my partner who’s still sleeping, C-ya babe, love you
head out to my van.

A little chilli, vans warming up slowly defrosting, visual checks all round, lights, tyres, all good, ok climb in & fill in weekly time sheet, set sat nav for today’s first of two jobs booked in: London first stop

Approaching Northampton overhead Smart Motorway signs ❗️caution ❗️
Speed limit 60mph
Traffic starting to build now.

Toilet & Costa coffee break required❗️URGENT❗️
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Much Better,

Arrived on site, note time of arrival on time sheet, get signed in and find out if the truck is onsite and available to get the keys. Check vehicle over make sure all is okay before I start.  Jobs all completed. Job sheet done, photograph done and get customers signature, email into the service desk before leaving site, all done and moving on.

Drive to my next job booked in:
APPROX ETA: 1hr 17mins

Arrived at site, full high visibility clothing is required to gain access on to site,
Head to reception to sign in and undertake a 25min induction on Health & safety procedure.
Organise a safe work area with customer to carry out vehicle repairs, await vehicle to arrive, check vehicle over before starting investigation for faults. check system is all working correctly, all good, complete job sheet, take photos of equipment installed, customers signature, photograph job sheet and then email through to the service desk before signing out of site,
Record leaving site time on time sheet.

Today’s job’s completed, Now take a drive to tonight’s hotel for food, shower and some rest ETA APPROX: 1hr 27mins

Arrived at hotel, complete time sheet for today’s working hours 12.5hrs & coverage of 247 miles not a bad day if I say so myself, now I must remove any valuable items from vehicle, tools, etc, my overnight bag, park vehicle up in a secure location for the evening,
Book in at reception, unwind before heading back to my room for some beauty sleep before starting Day No.2

That’s one day in my life as a Vision Techniques Engineer, Love it ❤️.