6 key benefits of telematics systems for businesses

Telematics systems are becoming the lifeblood of commercial vehicle operations often employed in tandem with a whole host of vehicle safety products. In fact, many of our vehicle safety products here at Vision Techniques fit squarely into the category of telematics, which makes it a major focus of so many of our customers. If your fleet isn’t yet fitted with some form of telematics technology, you could be missing a trick – here are just a few of the key ways you could be benefitting!

1. Reduce your fuel costs and increase operational efficiency

The steadily rising cost of oil in recent years means that today, fuel is becoming more expensive than ever. Telematics equipment can give you a valuable way to understand the consumption of your vehicles and identify where you could streamline your journeys. This saves money for you and time for your drivers, minimising your costs and boosting performance in the process.

2. Enables you to plan more precisely

Another way you and your business can benefit from telematics is that it can keep schedules running smoothly, helping you co-ordinate your drivers with people on-site. By giving you an exact location, trajectory and accurate speed for your vehicles, you can map out timescales and plan more precisely with people at their destination, whether they’re your driver’s colleagues, or your business clients.

3. Optimise driving standards and monitor driver behaviour

When they’re out on the roads, your drivers are the public face of your company, and how they drive will reflect on your business as a whole. Telematics can provide a way for you monitor your vehicles journey, minimising personal detours and ensuring they’re driving responsibly.

However, it’s not necessarily all about enforcement. Telematics can also help benefit drivers directly by providing them with feedback about their road behaviour, contributing to your company-wide safety culture. They can give you access to valuable information for the delivery of ongoing training programmes, or personal development goals, tailored to your individual drivers.

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4. Assist with preventative maintenance

Telematics systems can enable you to not just to monitor your drivers, but on the condition of your vehicles as well. Certain products can provide easily comprehensible reports, and automated scheduling based on odometer readings and engine run-time. This can give you valuable insight to assist in the creation of detailed and rigorous maintenance schedules, minimising vehicle downtime and ensuring that your fleet is running at peak capacity.

5. Improve safety and security for vehicles and employees

Although hopefully a secondary concern, telematics products can also serve useful purposes in terms of security. By giving you the means to track your vehicles in real time down to an exact location, you can help to combat theft and increase the chances of recovering your vehicle and cargo in the unfortunate event of theft or vandalism.

6. Increase Corporate Social Responsibility

Technically, this last advantage is more of an added bonus rather than a key benefit in itself, but reducing fuel emissions using telematics can also help minimise environmental impact, driving down harmful emissions and increasing your green credentials with clients and investors.

Following our recent acquisition of a global telematics company, here at Vision Techniques we’re very excited to be setting a new standard in safety and vehicle performance. If you’re already considering a vehicle and driver management solution, or you’re looking to replace an existing tracking system, why not contact us now on 08452 873 170 for an obligation-free discussion on how we can help you to achieve your operational and business objectives?