4 ways that VT Solar can help to enhance your fleet

Quite simply, sustainability is the future. All fleet managers know that – but that doesn’t mean that transforming your fleet is an easy feat. There are significant cost and logistics barriers that need to be overcome to make your fleet fully sustainable – but our latest innovation at Vision Techniques should help bring you one step closer.

Developed by our engineers right here in-house (just like our previous award-winning innovations such as BrakeSafe and StopSafe) our VT Solar solution is designed to help improve the sustainability, and efficiency of your vehicle fleet. And perhaps the best part – they’ll even save you money in the long run. Let’s walk you through it!

Save money on fuel

For starters, introducing an alternate source of power to your vehicles can save you a lot of money on fuel in the long run. The increase in fuel prices has hit many commercial businesses hard, so you may already be looking for alternatives for fuelling your fleet, so that your vehicles don’t have to rely so heavily on petrol and diesel fuel.

Adding Vision Techniques solar panels to your fleet means that you’ll save – on average – up to 1,100 litres of fuel annually for each vehicle. The panels are connected straight into the smart charge controller we supply, which interfaces directly with your vehicle’s battery and alternator. By utilising the sun’s harvested energy to power your vehicle’s ancillary equipment, you can significantly decrease the amount of money you need to spend on fuel.


Not only do our panels save you money by making your fleet less reliant on costly fossil fuels, they’re also a great way of decreasing your fleet’s carbon footprint, which can do wonders for your corporate social responsibility.

In fact, by incorporating our solar panels into your fleet, you can reduce your annual CO2 output by 2,900kg per vehicle! This is a huge step in ensuring that your company remains competitive from a CSR perspective moving forward. What’s more, you’ll also save money on financial incursions laid on by the introduction of multiple Clean Air Zones across the UK. In case you’re not aware – these are specially-designated areas in the UK which are subject to specific measures to improve air quality. They’re intended to discourage the use of the most polluting vehicles by levying additional charges against them to drive within the boundaries of the Zone.

So, we’ve established that introducing solar panels to your fleet is an effective way of reducing the cost of driving through these rapidly expanding CAZ. Plus, they’re also a brilliant way of improving the sustainability level of your business, as well as an effective way of demonstrating your company’s commitment to CSR in light of the developing climate crisis.

Telematics Platform + GPS

In addition to the cost savings and eco-credentials that come along with adding solar panels to your fleet, we also offer an extremely effective Telematics Platform, as well as GPS to track the performance of your vehicle.

We utilise Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud technology to provide you with a web-based telematics platform which allows for greater visibility across your fleet. It also gives you insight into the savings you make on CO2 and fuel. Our panels are directly interfaced with the on-board electrical systems in your vehicle, allowing them to track things like:

• Solar fuel and CO2 savings
• Battery health
• Electric lift cycle
• Asset utilisation
• Distance travelled
• Live and historic asset tracking

Reduced maintenance

By using harvested energy from the sun, our Vision Techniques solar panels are used to power all your vehicle’s on-board ancillary equipment, reducing the strain on your vehicle’s alternator.

This can save you a lot of money on maintenance costs, as your alternator is far less likely to need replacing due to the reduced pressure being put on it. Normally, this cost can be a significant amount as well – repairing an alternator can cost on average between £150-300, and a new one can cost up to £700! That’s a good amount of money that would definitely be better served elsewhere – which is exactly what you can do with VT Solar

Solar panels are just one part of what we can offer you at Vision Techniques to help your business run as safely and efficiently as possible. We are constantly developing new products to give you the next generation of safety, and our commitment to pioneering safety technology has led us to the creation of market leading products like vehicle cameras, collision avoidance systems and braking systems. Why not see what we can offer you?