3 key benefits of vehicle cameras

We supply a range of high quality vehicle cameras here at Vision Techniques, and if you’re the manager of a commercial vehicle fleet, there are a number of different ways in which our vehicle cameras can benefit your business. For example, they can help to protect against fraud, improve your driver accident rates, as well as improving their overall skill level behind the wheel. Partially for those reasons, our cameras can save your company a lot of money in the long run, potentially giving you more freedom to invest these savings in things like improving the performance of your fleet, as well as increasing safety levels and profits.

Our vehicle cameras include an array of specialist collision avoidance systems tailored to specific vehicles and industries. Whatever the nature of your operations, you can trust us to have the perfect solution for you. So, let’s get into some more of the specifics of how our vehicle cameras can greatly benefit your business.

Reduced risk of accidents and collisions

Let’s start with the most prominent issue faced by drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) – the introduction of a vehicle camera system allows your drivers to capture accidents on film in real-time, making it easier to prove that an incident was not their fault. This kind of legal protection is invaluable for fleet managers, especially as it’s often difficult for fleet drivers to prove their innocence in collisions, given the limited visibility and destructive potential of the vehicles involved.

What’s more, installing cameras on your vehicles can significantly reduce the likelihood that your drivers suffer a collision, giving them greater visibility and awareness of their surroundings – thereby allowing them to act and react more quickly. This can save you and your business a significant amount of time and money on legal proceedings, so we’d highly recommend investing in something like our VT Alpha range, which comprises some of our most versatile collision avoidance cameras, suitable for HGVs and large vehicles alike.

Not all collisions on the road are purely accidental though…

Avoid fraudulent claims

Driver fraud and insurance scams have been going on for years. You may well have fallen victim to a “crash for cash” claim in the past. Sometimes known as ‘induced accidents’, a crash for cash scheme basically involves one or more drivers deliberately engineering a collision – usually with an unsuspecting motorist – and collecting the insurance payout for profit. They can cost your company potentially thousands if you’re unable to prove for certain that your driver was not at fault for an incident – not to mention that a claim made against your company can reflect poorly from a public image perspective!

Vehicle cameras make it far more difficult for scammers to con you out of your hard earned capital by providing you with a sufficient amount of evidence which you can present to police to ensure that you’re covered should a scammer attempt a fraud attempt.

Driver monitoring

The vast majority of HGV drivers are highly diligent professionals, but they’re also often hard-pressed to make deadlines and schedules. And let’s be honest – sometimes it can be tempting for drivers to take a few shortcuts, or quickly make a personal errand. Unfortunately, all that has the potential to incur costs for your business, especially if a driver in a rush ends up having an accident.

If you’re looking for extra peace of mind against this, our vehicle cameras can help. When drivers know they’re being watched, they’re far more likely to stay on their very best behaviour when using your vehicles, and as a result, they’re far less likely to be tempted into reckless or dangerous driving practices like speeding, undertaking, parking in poor areas and so on.

Those are some of the incredible benefits that our vehicle camera systems can offer you, but they’re just one part of what we do here at Vision Techniques to help your business run as safely and efficiently as possible. We’re constantly developing new products to give you the next generation of safety, and our commitment to pioneering safety technology has led us to the creation of market-leading products like collision avoidance systems and braking systems. Why not see what we can offer you?