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Vans & Light goods vehicles

LGV Vehicle Security & Safety Cameras & Tracking

Light Goods Vehicles are used in wide range of industries - the most common being the van which is built for every purpose.

But whatever the sector, every van driver has difficulty seeking a temporary parking space in peak times or congestion, meeting tight schedules, or negotiating the vehicle through built up areas.

  • Reversing accidents - because of blind spots or pedestrians not seeing a moving vehicle
  • Vehicles running over people because handbrakes are not on
  • Sideswiping incidents caused by the nearside blind spot
  • Vehicle damage - after reversing into bollards, low walls or lamp posts
  • Collisions - when trying to squeeze into tight spaces
  • Mobile CCTV Systems
  • Rear View Camera
  • Reversing Camera
  • Vehicle Radar
  • GPS Fleet Tracking/Vehicle Fleet Tracking
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • RFID Technology
  • Auto Braking Systems
  • Mirror Monitor
  • Van safety
  • General vehicle safety equipment

Having all round vehicle visibility dramatically improves efficiency and safety.

  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower insurance costs
  • More vehicles in operation
  • Zero risk of false claims
  • Deter vandals and thieves
  • Full vehicle security surveillance
  • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
  • Your company’s reputation is strengthened
  • Proven track record for over two decades.
  • Flexible approach and implementation.
  • Continual development of future-proof applications.
  • Total peace of mind – unrivalled technical support and skill-set
  • Dedicated service support carried out by our own team anywhere in the UK.
  • Maximise your efficiencies
  • Provide a safe environment for your personnel and vehicles to work in.
  • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.

Vision techniques provides the very latest safety and security equipment.

Vehicle Safety Products

VT TurnSafe

VT TurnSafe: Cyclist Safety Products

VT Ident

VT Ident: RFID Vehicle Control System

Banksman – Reversing Radar System

VT Banksman: Reversing Radar System

Camera Safety

VT Cameras: Vehicle CCTV and Reversing Camera Systems

CrashCAM – Dashboard Cameras

VT CrashCAM: Driving Event Recorders / Dashboard Cameras

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