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Heavy goods vehicles are seen as very dangerous machines which cause collisions on the motorway and add to congestion and noise pollution.

But in reality HGV drivers are safer than car drivers - with half as many accidents per miles travelled.

However, when accidents DO occur they are much worse than a car crash. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take every care to ensure every safety and security measure is taken.

Vision Techniques ensures vehicle safety and security

More and more road users are using technologies to enhance the safety of their day-to-day operations as well as protecting assets and operating budgets.

Our comprehensive range of reversing cameras, reversing alarm, ultrasonic detection devices and simple digital video recorder systems satisfies a wide and varying range of operational applications.

  • Collisions because of tight spaces
  • Reversing accidents - because of blind spots, pedestrians being unaware of vehicle, or reversing alarms being switched off
  • Goods being stolen by staff or outsiders
  • False insurance claims
  • Cyclist collisions in built-up area - nearside blind spot
  • Unfounded insurance claims for personal injury and damages
  • Sideswipes on motorway - nearside blind spot
  • Gangs or individuals attacking drivers
  • Mobile CCTV Systems
  • Rear View Camera
  • Reversing Camera
  • Vehicle Radar
  • GPS Tracking/Vehicle Tracking
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • RFID Technology
  • Auto Braking Systems
  • Mirror Monitor
  • Truck safety
  • Lorry safety
  • General vehicle safety equipment

Having all round vehicle visibility dramatically improves efficiency and safety.

  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower insurance costs
  • More vehicles in operation
  • Zero risk of false claims
  • Deter vandals and thieves
  • Full vehicle security surveillance
  • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
  • Fewer noise complaints
  • Your company’s reputation is strengthened
  • Proven track record for over two decades.
  • Flexible approach and implementation.
  • Continual development of future-proof applications.
  • Total peace of mind – unrivalled technical support and skill-set
  • Dedicated service support carried out by our own team anywhere in the UK.
  • We aim to maximise your efficiencies
  • Provide a safe environment for your personnel and vehicles to work in.
  • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.

Vision techniques provides the very latest vehicle safety and security equipment.

Vehicle Safety Products

VT TurnSafe

VT TurnSafe: Cyclist Safety Products

VT Ident

VT Ident: RFID Vehicle Control System

Banksman – Reversing Radar System

VT Banksman: Reversing Radar System

Camera Safety

VT Cameras: Vehicle CCTV and Reversing Camera Systems

CrashCAM – Dashboard Cameras

VT CrashCAM: Driving Event Recorders / Dashboard Cameras

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