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Agriculture Vehicle Safety

Agriculture and Farming Vehicle Safety Devices

Agriculture is a dangerous industry - with a whole range of unpredictable challenges.

A quarter of deaths occur in the industry as a result of moving vehicles, according to government reports.

It’s also easy to damage crops or equipment - which can be devastating in such a highly demanding industry.

Vision Techniques provide vehicle safety and security systems such as cameras and tracking devices for agricultural vehicles

Vision Techniques works closely with its clients to come up with the most innovative vehicle safety systems in the industry.

  • Collisions because the handbrake isn’t applied
  • Reversing accidents because of blind spots or people are unaware of the moving vehicle
  • Machines colliding with smaller vehicles
  • Crop damage because the vehicle equipment is not properly positioned.
  • Crops missed because driver can’t see properly
  • Vehicles tipping over after hitting stockpiles
  • Forward collisions because of limited visibility
  • Too much soil collected in the machine
  • Mobile CCTV Systems
  • Rear View Camera
  • Reversing Camera
  • Vehicle Radar
  • GPS Tracking/Vehicle Fleet Tracking
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • RFID Technology
  • Auto Braking Systems
  • Mirror Monitor
  • General vehicle safety equipment

Having all round vehicle visibility dramatically improves efficiency and safety.

  • Fewer accidents, deaths and injuries
  • Lower insurance costs
  • More vehicles in operation
  • Zero risk of false claims
  • Higher productivity
  • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
  • Your company’s reputation is strengthened
  • Proven track record for over two decades.
  • Continual development of future-proof applications.
  • Market leading expertise in vehicle safety and management systems for over 20 years.
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ total package – specialist product advice through to expert installation.
  • Products that guarantee safety, cost savings and reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Total peace of mind – unrivalled technical support and skill-set.

Vision techniques provides the very latest safety and security equipment.

Vehicle Safety Products

VT TurnSafe

VT TurnSafe: Cyclist Safety Products

VT Ident

VT Ident: RFID Vehicle Control System

Banksman – Reversing Radar System

VT Banksman: Reversing Radar System

Camera Safety

VT Cameras: Vehicle CCTV and Reversing Camera Systems

CrashCAM – Dashboard Cameras

VT CrashCAM: Driving Event Recorders / Dashboard Cameras

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