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VT IDent DriveStop

Highly effective RFID vehicle security system

The DriveStop uses RFID technology to improve vehicle safety and security using a control system. VT IDent DriveStop immobilises a vehicles handbrake and engine system using a ‘tag’ based access system.

  • Improved Vehicle Security
  • Introduce levels of access
  • Brake & Engine control
  • Minimal cost tag units

Our range of Ident systems offer a completely flexible vehicle control system, which uses authorised tags.

Our Ident:DriveStop system provides vehicle control in a specific section of the vehicle such as access to the vehicles handbraking and engine system.

The control system can allow or deny access to these elements of the vehicle giving you more security - If someone attempts to steal the vehicle without a tag, the brakes will not release and engine will stop, reducing the risk of theft.

When a driver presents their IDent tag to the reader box (see above) they are given full access to the handbraking and ignition system until the vehicle door is opened.

When a vehicle door is opened the Ident system engages and the handbrake is locked until the tag is presented again. If the driver attempts to release the brake without presenting their tag the engine will stop.

The DriveStop reduces the risk of vehicle theft by locking essential systems on a vehicle, making driving safer for your staff and effectively lowering future insurance premiums.

“Introduce more security and control with DriveStop - our radio frequency tag system

VT IDent

VT IDent

VT IDent

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VT IDent DriveStop