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VT IDent

Highly effective RFID vehicle security system

VT ldent gives you the ability to control who has access to any electrical or hydraulic element of a vehicle - including on-board machinery. helping to prevent accidents, injuries and theft.

  • Choose who has authorisation
  • Provide or prevent access
  • Safety, security & emmissions

VT IDent is a control system that uses programmable tags to authorise access to the vehicle or rear machinery using RFID -radio frequency identification.

Control readers placed on the vehicle are programmed to respond to /authorisation tags' worn by the operative - unique to their position.

When presented by the user, the ldent® system will allow access to the vehicle or machinery if you have the correct level of authorisation.

VT IDent can prevent injury caused by the untrained and unauthorised use of dangerous on-board equipment, lowering the risk of unneccesary accidents.

RFID technology can also offer multiple levels of identification for your users, giving you the ability to offer or restrict exterior mechanics or cab access specifically to different members of your team.

The beauty of VT IDent is that we've built the system ourselves- by our own in-house team, meaning we can tailor it to your needs, your vehicles and your industry.

“prevent unauthorised access to your vehicles using our unique re-developed RFID tagging system

VT IDent

VT IDent

VT IDent

Ident DriveStop

VT IDent DriveStop