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RFID Vehicle Control System

VT IDent – RFID Vehicle Control System

Built in-house by our own technical team, VT IDent can prevent vehicle theft, accidents involving unauthorised users of dangerous equipment and help reduce fuel emissions – by taking control over electrical and hydraulic functions of the vehicle.

Ident uses programmable ‘authorisation’ tags which can be modified to include levels of access which will allow or refuse access to different tag readers installed to your vehicle.

Our system can be tailored to control the front of the vehicle, rear machinery or the entire vehicle and is completely tailorable to your specific needs.

VT IDent

VT IDent

Control any electrical and hydraulical element of your vehicle and tailor our control system to meet your needs.

Ident DriveStop

VT IDent DriveStop

Prevent unauthorised access to the brake and ignition of your vehicle with our front access control system.