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How does a failsafe brake system work?

News Story

How does a failsafe brake system work?

With demands on drivers increasing, technology like the failsafe brake system has never been so important.

When accidents happen, the one thing that can minimise damage and save lives are a vehicle’s brakes. With this in mind, failsafe brake systems are now essential to ensure vehicle safety.

Failsafe brake systems work by automatically applying the brake in situations of danger and risk. The finer details of the technology depend entirely on the product – some require a driver to press a button, others work entirely on their own.

Failsafe brake system in fleet vehicles.

Failsafe brake technology has become increasingly important in fleets for a number of reasons. When you operate a fleet, reputation and safety are important. For example, school buses, which are thought of as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, have to maintain this standard.

One of the common issues in fleets is braking. With fleet vehicles being on the road at peak times of the day and carrying out a responsible duty, they can’t afford for their brakes to fail

What’s more, operators of fleet vehicles have a tiring and stressful job, often working long hours. Inevitably, tiredness can be an issue and can cause accidents. Luckily, failsafe brakes can protect against damage should this happen.

Benefits of failsafe braking systems to safety and insurance.

Safety features, including AEB and failsafe brake systems, are making driving easier and safer. What’s more, they’re likely to make an impact on our insurance premiums too. With AEB alone, a car’s insurance can be lowered by up to 10%, say Thatcham Research. Other safety technologies, including failsafe brake systems, can make an even bigger difference to premiums.

Our failsafe brake systems.

At Vision Techniques, we’ve created a number of products to ensure braking safety. VT BrakeSafe, one of our award-winning products, was designed to automatically apply a handbrake if a driver forgets. It features an audible warning too, for extra safety, alerting a driver when necessary.

The unique solution prevents vehicle rollaway and any injury, accident, or damage typically associated with this. Best of all, it operates with the ignition off too – removing the risk of a rollaway vehicle completely.

Our newest braking technology is VT StopSafe, designed to stop out of control vehicles. The cutting-edge solution protects against the damage that occurs as a result of brake failure, applying ABS braking at the push of a button and bringing a vehicle to a controlled stop.

The two Vision Techniques solutions can be used together for the ‘complete solution’ and optimum safety. To find out more about either product, give the team a call today on 08458 068 213.

On the Vision Techniques website, you’ll find a whole range of leading vehicle safety solutionsVT Ident, our RFID Vehicle Control System is another of our favourites, controlling who has access to the electrical and hydraulic elements of a vehicle.

Have you got VT BrakeSafe or VT StopSafe installed in your vehicle? If so, leave a review of the product in the comments below or tweet your review to us @VisionTechnique


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