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Fleet Tracking Systems - VT Fleet Trak

What is VT Fleet Trak?

VT Fleet Trak is an easy-to-use, cost effective vehicle tracking solution, suitable for any sized organisation.

Many businesses invest in tracking solutions to save money, adhere to new government guidelines and take control of their assets.

With clear information on everything from vehicle locations to the speed and behaviour of individual drivers, you can save on fuel, service costs and cut out unnecessary or unauthorised journeys.

As the most cost-effective vehicle tracking solution available in the market place today, VT Fleet Trak starts from only 49p per day.

Your entire fleet is visible on the web based mapping system from any Internet web browser without the need any additional computer equipment.

Whatever the size of your company, you will see immediate cost savings from VT Fleet Trak.

Utilising the very latest technology, VT Fleet Trak can be upgraded to interface with back office data feeds, VT Fleet Trak systems and seamless integration with satellite navigation.

VT Fleet Trak uses ‘black boxes’, installed discreetly in your vehicles, to communicate detailed positioning information (GPS) to an application hosted by Vision Techniques.

Vision Techniques will display your vehicle information on a secure web based mapping system.

You can see exactly where your vehicles are, if the ignition is switched on, which direction they are travelling and precisely what speed they are doing.

The positioning information is retained by the system to produce detailed reports when needed.

  • Accurately pinpoint vehicle locations on a real-time basis
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Allow drivers to easily negotiate traffic jams and road incidents
  • Receive regular updates on the positions of all fleet vehicles
  • Manage operations more effectively
  • Peace of mind for workers and management
  • No hidden charges — installation, hardware, network charges and lifetime warranty are included
  • GPS location updates every 60 seconds for real-time monitoring of all vehicles
  • Covert in-vehicle installations for maximum security
  • Installed by our own team of employed engineers
  • Unlimited access to our ‘easy to use’ web based mapping via any Internet connection
  • Full training and 24/7/365 telephone support
  • Comprehensive reporting including start/stop and historic ‘snail trail’
  • Market leading ‘black box’ GPS/GPRS modem
  • Combined GPS/GPRS antenna for reduced power usage
  • Options to upgrade to integrated EcoTrak and JobTrak applications ensure your investment in SupaTrak is future proof and will adapt as your business requirements change.

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