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Fleet Tracking Systems Via GPS

VT EcoTrak

VT EcoTrak

VT EcoTrak system is a fuel saving system that allows managers to monitor their drivers in real time.

VT Fleet Trak

VT Fleet Trak System

VT Fleet Trak is an easy-to-use, cost effective fleet tracking system, suitable for any sized organisation with any number of vehicles.

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VT ‘Live’, now available on lease

Fleet tracking VT ‘Live’ now available on lease

So much more than a traditional digital recording system, VT ‘Live’ fleet tracking system streams live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

VT ‘Live’, now available on lease

VT to equip new system to vehicles with innovative safety & fleet tracking equipment

Vision Techniques will next month install the latest safety and security technology into vehicles at Aylesbury Vale District Council in Buckinghamshire to help with commercial vehicle tracking.

Track your vehicles easily

Every business that invests in vehicle tracking has individual requirements and objectives.

Most fleet tracking systems offer standard functionality, including vehicle location and recorded data of the journey - but that won’t give you complete control of your fleet.

Vision Techniques allows you to get much more from your fleet tracking system.

Cutting-edge automated fleet management data will be available at your fingertips, enabling you to improve your business’ operational efficiency and the productivity of your fleet vehicles, whilst reducing the administrative burden on your business.

A bespoke fleet tracking system from Vision Techniques will bring you:

Driver behaviour management – Monitor where your vehicles are and the way they are driven to ensure lower fuel costs and reduced carbon emissions. This includes driver performance information such as real time MPG, idling time, over revving and speeding.

Driver timesheet reporting – Reduce time and work required by both driver and by business’ administration team to produce accurate time sheets information by eliminating the need for manual time sheets.

Driver compliance reporting – Easily identify drivers not adhering to company working practices, including late starts, early finishes, out of hours vehicle use and speeding.

Real time alerts – Be alerted of driver non-compliance in real time.