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Crew Safe Range

Crew Safe Range

  • Protect Crew
  • Protect Assets
  • Protect the Public


Operating a fleet of vehicles is an expensive and risky business. Vision Techniques can help meet your contractual requirements, provide massive savings from your operational budget whilst creating a safer working environment for your vehicle operatives.

The Crew Safe Range

The Crew Safe Range brings together several systems, vital to vehicle safety and security, with a mixture of reversing cameras, video recorders, GPS tracking, management systems, radars and auto braking.

VT Live: DVR 360° Wireless Streaming Recorder

VT Live

VT 'Live' is the very latest mobile multi-camera video recording system which can stream live video from the vehicle to any location.

VT Banksman Auto-Braking Radar

Banksman Auto Braking

Banksman Auto Braking is an intelligent, fully-programmable reversing radar detection system which will automatically stop the vehicle if a collision is imminent.

Case Study

Rotherham Borough Council solves its vehicle security problems with VT ‘Live’ - an on-board digital video recording system

For Rotherham Borough Council, installing the innovative mobile recording camera system," VT ‘Live’, into its waste disposal vehicles has been a huge success.

The council, which had issues around operative safety and a number of unfounded claims made against it, needed a vehicle recording camera system for both security and safety.

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