Pendle and Craven


Craven is administered by the Craven District Council which is made up of 30 councilors who represent the 19 wards that make up the district, serving a population of 53,600.  Situated in the beautiful market town of Skipton the council covers 15% of North Yorkshire with a fleet of 15 vehicles.


It was the purchase of a Faun-Zoeller ex-demonstration vehicle that led Steve Parkinson, Transport Manager to investigate products to make his vehicles safer to ensure the safety of his employees.  The council approached us to conduct a full vehicle safety audit to identify potential safety improvements.  The investigation highlighted the need to protect drivers and operators during their daily duties and the requirement for a camera and recording system was deemed a suitable solution, after demonstrating its capabilities, Steve was impressed with our Record 3 DVR.


Our  live recording device would allow Steve to view realtime footage from his office, with VT RECORD 3 their is no need to extract the DVR to retrieve the footage so downtime of the vehicle is significantly reduced.   VT RECORD3 quickly became an integral part of the safety of the councils’ vehicles, the  clear footage from VT RECORD 3 was used to prove liability against an incident involving one of their drivers.  Steve tells us  “We’ve had interest from North Yorkshire Police to use footage from our vehicles as well, so the benefits are massive.”

After a succesful installation of VT RECORD 3 and thanks to our close relationship with Steve, we were able to approach the council to begin testing our new innovation VT BRAKESAFE.  This system was developed after a number of reported rollaway incidents from our customers.  The system automatically applies the handbrake should the driver forget to apply the handbrake and lreave the cab.

The system underwent vigorous testing and benefitted from the rural areas within the council,  Skipton features a wealth of intense drops and steep inclines. Testing over these types of terrain would put VT BRAKESAFE through its paces, proving that it really would remove any risk of a vehicle rollaway.

Having a recording system like VT RECORD 3 integrated with VT BRAKESAFE means any activations can be tagged for review, giving Steve the opportunity to understand the vehicles journey and driver behaviour help train his drivers. “VT RECORD combined with VT BRAKESAFE gives me as Transport manager a lot more control. You want the whole package, the complete solution.”

Check out our VT BRAKESAFE video