Kier Environmental


Kier Environmental provides frontline refuse and recycling services to over 3.2m households in the UK, alongside a full range of street cleaning, grounds maintenance, and commercial waste services.  By using the latest technology and their logistical expertise, they are able to reduce the cost of environmental services for their public and private sector clients.  Their approach is to work with clients to deliver better ways of collection in order to extract the maximum value from recycled materials, while also reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

The brief

The growth in vehicle theft has led to many vehicle operators and transport managers questioning whether their vehicles are secure when used in public. Kier Environmental was looking for a system to make their fleet secure.  Darren Judd, Head of Fleet and Plant for Kier Environment Services tells us his reason for looking for a solution “The decision wasn’t a financial decision, it was made on public and personnel safety grounds”

The solution

VT IDENT was the system of choice for Darren. The control system allows or denies access to the different elements of the vehicle giving him added security – If an unauthorised person attempts to use the vehicles ignition or machinery  without an authorised tag, the parkbrake will not release and the engine will stop, ultimately reducing the risk of theft and injury.  The RFID technology used can also offer multiple levels of identification for his users.  VT IDENT could also be tailored to his operational needs and his vehicles.

The final word from Darren was “It was an easy decision to make in the fact that if unauthorised use of our vehicles does occur there is a significant liability for us, but above all our ultimate goal is public safety. This was a genuinely viable safety system that did what it needed to do, it wasn’t too expensive, the benefits definitely outweighed the initial cost.”

Check out our VT IDENT video