North East Lincolnshire Council NELC: Keeping employees and the public safe


North East Lincolnshire Council provides a full range of local government services, including council tax billing, libraries, social services, processing planning applications and waste collection and disposal.  Chris Dunn, Waste operations and Fleet Manager, is responsible for the efficiency and safety of the Councils 35-strong fleet of vehicles.

The Situation

After several incidents between the crew and members of the public, some involving the threat of violence from individuals, Chris Dunn approached Vision Techniques to discuss options for a vehicle recording system.  After close consultation and conducting a full safety review of the fleet and its operations, several products and their benefits were demonstrated to the Council for consideration.

The solution

Investing in a live recording system like VT RECORD3 would allow Chris and the team to watch live footage from a remote location or recorded footage and use it for evidence should it be needed. It would prove whether specific actions did or didnt take place – safeguarding the safety of the crews in their day-to-day routine.

The system would be used in conjunction with VT Overview 360° a camera and monitor system that uses stitched images from four camera inputs pulling the images into one monitor and gives the driver a full birdseye view of the vehicle and its surroundings. VT Overview is especially effective when accessing difficult locations or manoeuvring in tight, heavily populated areas.

Chris Dunn explained to us one of the shocking events where VT RECORD has been invaluable. He explains, There was an instance where a man stepped in front of our vehicle and was very upset because his refuse bin wasnt emptied. The staff were unaware of the circumstances that led to the mans outburst, and he pulled out a carjack and moved to attack our staff. The team pointed to the cameras, but this didnt stop him. He was soon arrested, and the footage was used against him to prove his actions. “Without VT RECORD3 we wouldn’t have been able to show and prove the actions of this individual to the police, so the system is invaluable to us in cases like this.

The system is not only used to record incidents but has effectively deterred them. Individuals can often try to throw away waste in the refuse vehicle’s rear and enter the safety zone near the hoists, which is particularly dangerous. When staff attempt to block their route, individuals can become aggressive. However, once the refuse collectors point out the vehicle‘s CCTV, an individual backs away, preventing any further physical threat.