Devon and Somerset


Devon and Somerset Sweepers supply road sweeping services within the highways industry, supplying some of the biggest contracts across the whole of the UK.


Due to an increase in accidents around HGV’s and Road Sweepers, there is an increased focus for improving vehicle health and safety.  Contractors now demand safety equipment be fitted as standard to vehicles to reduce the risk of incidents on site.  As part of the company’s health and safety strategy, Devon and Somerset Sweepers approached Vision Techniques to conduct a review of their safety equipment to ensure the fleet met the safety requirements and to ensure they met any criteria from contractors.


The solution was a 360° Overview system combined the award-winning VT BANKSMAN radar system.  The 360° system removes blind spots and covers every angle of the vehicle making manoeuvring on-site safer.  It uses 4 mounted camera set up with overlapping stitched images presented to the driver in one easy visible monitor screen, effectively giving a birds-eye view of the vehicle’s surroundings.  The working environments of these vehicles include working in close proximity to other vehicles and site workers, in addition working can include working at night reducing visibility further.  VT BANKSMAN radar system uses state of the art FMCW radar to monitor and detect moving and stationary objects, it recognises potential hazards that enter the programmed detection zones and gives the driver audible and visual alarms to the operator has time to react.

Both systems are compliant with all Health and Safety regulations and were specified to ensure the company were compliant with contractors safety requirements.  The systems were fitted across Devon and Somerset Sweepers fleet to improve the overall safety of the fleet.  One benefit of using these products has been the increased workload received from large contractors, giving them further opportunities to work on their bigger contracts.