Cory Environmental


Cory Environmental operate large fleets across the whole of Lincolnshire providing a full range of services including waste collection, disposal and ground maintenance.


Rob Waby, is the company’s Refuse and Recycling Manager and after a growing number of violent threats and an increase in liability claims, they approached VT to discuss options for a vehicle recording system.


These types of stories are not uncommon, this is where VT RECORD3 can help.  Chris tells us an incident involving a member of the public requesting compensation. “A gentleman made an alleged claim against us believing we’d driven over his front garden and reported that he had witnesses of the event and was looking for £2,000 in damages to repair the damage. VT RECORD3 enabled us to review the day in question and the actions of the vehicle.  We invited the gentleman to the depot to review the footage with us. It was clearly visible the vehicle was not the cause of the damage to his garden, at which point he apologised and left. This instance could have played out very differently without the system.”

Chris mentions that there were a number of considerations before implementing the system across the fleet.  “We were worried our staff wouldn’t like these recording systems, thinking ‘big brother’ is watching them work all day. After working in partnership with the unions, we conducted a number of toolbox talks with our management teams to educate them on the benefits of protecting them as employees and us as an employer.  After a consultation period, all parties were more than happy for us to go ahead.  Now they couldn’t live without it. The system helps our drivers as much as it helps us.”