WJ Road Surfacing


WJ is the UK’s leading independent specialist road marking provider.  Experts in the highways sector they manufacture high quality road marking materials, through leading-edge technical design and processes they can combine sustainable resins with exceptional base materials to produce the ideal marking product for any project.  Based in Staffordshire the company run a large fleet of vehicles across several depots.

The Brief

The highway experts reported a growing number of reversing incidents when making difficult manoeuvres, specifically when making turns around central reservations and barriers, they turned to Vision Techniques for advice on what type of technology was available.

Scott Logan, Group Transport Manager from WJ explains his thoughts on the system: “Vehicle safety is a priority for us at WJ so introducing enhanced rear detection was key to our strategy moving forward. After having a demonstration of the Banksman system, we believe it’s the best option for collision avoidance in the industry.”

The Solution

VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING is one of the most sophisticated radars on the market, developed using FMCW technology for 100% detection, programmable with customised detection zones to suit the vehicle.  The spread and length of the beam can be set to the width of the vehicle or beyond with a width of 2m to 10m (6.5ft – 33 ft) and 3m to 30m (10f – 98ft) in length.  It also minimises false alarms by monitoring closing speeds and direction of travel to determine the potential hazard.  As the vehicles are required to work in all types of weather and conditions VT BANKSMAN was a perfect fit as the heavy-duty stainless-steel radar head is unaffected by moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud.

Watch our BANKSMAN video