Construction equipment giant Mecalac offer compact class construction equipment.  They aim to offer superior performance concerning flexibility, speed, process and innovation.  Products are designed to give the highest fuel efficiency combined with the highest level of safety.  Their award winning track record in innovation means they are leaders in mobile excavation.


As part of their continued strategic commitment to deliver next-generation safety.  Mecalac approached Vision Techniques to provide them with a hazard detection system.  A problem often faced by dumper drivers is not being able to see over their heaped loads, reducing visibility and creating an increased risk of collision.  The system needed to be 100% accurate, tough enough to work in extreme environments and with a large existing fleet, the kit needed to be retrofitted if required.


VT SENSORVISION DRIVE was the perfect solution, using FMCW microwave detection, this forward-facing obstacle radar is  100% accurate method of recognising a stationary or moving object in front of the vehicle.  It has a three-tier detection zone, warning drivers via audible and visual signals.  Mecalac were able to utilise the unique feature that gave them the option and flexibility by being able to transfer from one vehicle to another.

Mecalac believes Sensorvision is a game-changer in vehicle safety. Sales & marketing director Paul Macpherson at Mecalac Construction added: “As a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of site dumpers, we can’t wait to showcase our vision for the future and demonstrate that we really are ‘better together’.”

The SensorVision radar was displayed and demonstrated on Mecalac’s stand during the 2017 PlantWorx event receiving great feedback from visitors. The technology also featured as part of a BBC radio feature about the growth of Mecalac across the industry and how technology is improving on-site safety for its customers.

Check out how Mecalac use Sensorvision for hazard detection