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Why more companies are choosing vehicle safety technology

Posted on 29th Jun, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

With the increasing number of cyclists using roads across the UK, there is a growing challenge to ensure their safety in conjunction with other road users. In recent years there have been a number of high profile incidents involving both cyclists and larger vehicles that have resulted in a cyclist fatality.

In their recent report on cycling and road safety, Aviva found that vans and heavy goods vehicles were most frequently involved in serious collisions with cyclists. Of the accidents listed as serious, vans were involved in 37% of the accidents and HGVs in 35% of them. What’s even more concerning is that HGVs are involved in more than 1 in 3 serious accidents with cyclists, but make up less than 1 in 20 vehicles on the road.

Despite these disturbing figures, there has been an improvement in road safety technology, built for large vehicles in order to protect road users. At Vision Techniques, we’ve provided some of the best of these products, which are now being used by top companies and council fleets across the UK.

Our technology has been designed to help drivers to detect cyclists whilst on the road – by providing better visibility and alerting both drivers and cyclists of potential dangers. It’s this type of technology that is making a positive difference to accident figures and making Britain’s roads safer. Some of most popular technologies for large vehicles include:

The design of our products has been influenced by safety incentives – such as CLOCS and CILT, and we’re now looking to spread the message of proper road safety at events and conferences.

Of course, while the primary purpose of our technology is to save lives, our cycle safety technology also enhances the confidence of its users, minimises / prevents damage from occurring to vehicles and ensures lower insurance premiums.

Why invest in road-safety technology?

 When you’ve been working in the industry for a while, driving HGVs on a regular basis, it’s difficult to remember exactly how hard driving your vehicle can be. Vision is extremely limited and there are twice as many blind spots than your average car.

While our technology can’t solve the issues you face, it can create awareness – alerting you to potential risks. Our technology also recognises the fact that the responsibility isn’t entirely yours too – so we also have products that place just as much responsibility on a cyclist as they do on you. For example TurnAlarm emits light and sound to benefit both the driver and the cyclist.turnsign

Our visual aids, such as cameras and real time CCTV systems, also improve visibility at the front and rear of vehicle cabs – another two trouble areas for larger vehicles on the roads.

What’s more, the need for this technology is increased when driving in built up areas and city centres – especially during peak hours. At Vision Techniques, we’ve had the opportunity to work with local councils to understand their challenges and provide them with the tools to overcome road safety issues. The result – our top class products – are now available for councils and organisations to use all across the world.

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If your business or council would like to do your bit to better Britain’s roads, get in touch today. Our experts will be able to talk you through our product range and suggest the right technologies for you and your fleet. Once you’ve ordered your products, we’ll also be on hand to provide support with the technology, fitting it into your vehicle for you and providing maintenance if and when required. To find out more, call us on 08456 196 103.

 Which Vision Technique products have your business or council benefitted from? Leave your comments below or tweet them to us @VisionTechnique