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VT Live recording reduces accidents at East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Posted on 20th May, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

With 450 members of staff providing waste, recycling, street cleansing and grounds maintenance services to a population of 300,000 people, East Riding of Yorkshire Council Group Manager, Paul Tripp, has a wealth of responsibility.

Paul and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have found that by adding recording systems to their vehicles they’ve seen a significant drop in accidents, a growth in staff confidence and increased protection against third-party claims.
Operations managers in the waste management industry are aware that reversing accidents with refuse vehicles is a growing problem. While only four per cent of accidents on the road involve reversing vehicles, a massive 40 per cent of accident fatalities come from these incidents.

Paul has dedicated time and money on staff training and awareness, but he’s found the enhancements made to his new vehicles have had the most positive effect, combined with his staff’s willingness to embrace new technology.

The equipment was installed by Vision Techniques, who have developed a vehicle recording system called VT Live that streams live camera footage from any location. The system is essential when providing evidence where liability can be questioned.


Paul Tripp with VT Live system

Paul Tripp believes recording systems can be ‘priceless’ when involved in third-party claims


“We recently had a serious road traffic accident in Bridlington where an individual was involved in a collision with a refuse vehicle. The incident took place at 7 in the morning, by 10.30 am a police officer was able to watch the accident again in my office using the VT Live system. This information allowed the police to deal with the incident instantly, prove my driver wasn’t liable and no further questioning was needed; all thanks to our video evidence.”

The system provides an effective defence mechanism against fraudulent claims for his team at East Riding.

“Sometimes your driver does everything right – checks their vehicle, tachograph in place and driving to the speed limits; but something happens that is out of their control; a pedestrian steps out in front of the vehicle. The VT Live system in that sort of situation is priceless.”

Recording systems are often installed on refuse vehicles to defend against third party claims, but the system has presented other advantages as well.

“East Riding of Yorkshire Council is a rural authority that covers 1,000 square miles; the live system allows us to have a real time view of weather conditions across the whole of the county, which can be essential in winter conditions.

Paul believes that combining training with technology is key to improving safety when driving large vehicles.“We also went through a period of exhaust thefts, so we altered our system to record after the ignition was turned off to catch thieves trying to steal equipment.”


VT Live on East Riding vehicles

The VT Live recording system streams live footage from multiple on board cameras


“If you’re considering putting a recording system on a vehicle make sure that you talk to your staff and tell them why you’re doing it. It’s got to be installed for the right reasons; to protect and defend staff against third-party claims for damage and make driving safer. We’re proud to say that we’ve had a reduction of reversing accidents and damage to vehicles which is thanks to our VT Live system; we’d absolutely recommend other councils do the same.”

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