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Why VT Ident is an effective anti-terror device

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Posted on 31st Oct, 2018 by Dominic Benabda

Security is always a key concern for fleet operators and drivers of HGVs. Historically, theft and vandalism has always been a problem, as it’s hugely expensive to recover or replace heavy vehicles that have been stolen or damaged.

However, in recent years an even more serious threat has emerged. Large vehicles are increasingly being used to commit large-scale terror attacks, placing additional responsibility on the owners of HGVs to take every precaution to guard their vehicles from being appropriated for these heinous acts. Vehicle counter terrorism devices are therefore in higher demand than ever. Here at Vision Techniques, we’re pleased to say that our VT Ident system is the perfect countermeasure to ensure maximum security against all intruders, thieves and would-be terrorists alike.

The problem with security when it comes to HGVs

There’s obviously no shortage of security devices on the market when it comes to the automotive sector. For some years now, all new cars have been manufactured with in-built immobilisers, and all around the internet you’ll find that most of the top car safety tips advise buying devices such as steering locks, handbrake locks and additional alarms. They’re not wrong, either – for the average car owner, these are all solid purchases to make.

When it comes to vehicle security for HGVs though, business owners and fleet operators often look for even more sophisticated solutions. Heavy Goods Vehicles are especially vulnerable to criminals for a number of reasons:

1. Their physical size makes them highly visible targets, and easily tracked by unscrupulous persons. What’s more, retail vehicles or cash-in-transit cars are often highly identifiable as carrying valuables.

2. Certain HGVs can be regularly unattended for brief periods in the course of their normal duties, such as municipal operations or loading, as demonstrated in this video.

3. Their size means they have the potential to be used as devastating weapons for terrorists

municipal vehicle

It’s this last point which has caused rising worldwide concern in the past few years, with heavy vehicles having been used to kill and injure people in France, Spain, London and Canada, to name just a few. For this reason alone, keeping HGVs secure today is about more than just potential for financial loss – it’s about safeguarding human life.

How Ident serves a useful role in vehicle counter terrorism

One of the reasons why our Ident system security system is such a useful counter-terrorism device is because it combines several of the most useful advantages of traditional immobilisers and vehicle alarms, and is arguably one of the more sophisticated solutions on the modern market, even amongst our extensive range of vehicle safety products. Rather than requiring fleet operators to obtain several complementing vehicle safety devices, Ident blends all these advantages into a single, cohesive solution.

Ident is a control system designed to use programmable tags to authorise access to the vehicle’s cab and control systems using RFID (radio frequency identification). This means that different tags can be programmed to provide differing levels of access, so you can specifically control which of your staff have access to what systems. In short, it enables you to make sure that no one is doing anything they’re not qualified for, whether that’s driving the vehicle or operating other mechanisms, such as tail lifts.

One of the reasons that Ident is such a useful system is its ability to deter any criminal, no matter how single-minded. It doesn’t take much to deter thieves, as the vast majority are opportunists, which makes them highly skittish. When presented with any obstacle that looks like it might hinder them even for a few moments – possibly long enough to hinder their escape – they’ll quickly abandon the crime in progress.

However, those planning to commit terrorist acts are arguably more driven, especially if access to the vehicle is part of a carefully constructed plan. They’re less likely to be put off by anything but the most serious of obstructions – and VT Ident is designed to be exactly that.

You can find out more about it by clicking here, or by giving our friendly sales team a call on 01254 679 717. We’re here to help!