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Vision Techniques work with Kier Environmental to demonstrate VT IDent

Posted on 29th Nov, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

After recent events, vehicle safety is an issue that has been highlighted more than ever to fleet manager of all kinds of vehicles. Kier Environmental are now acting on preventing these kind of threats using the vehicle security system VT IDent.

Following horrific events happening in locations such as London, Barcelona, and Stockholm, many businesses with large fleets of vehicles have been looking into trying to secure their assets whilst they are out on the roads.

Kier Environmental saw that a 24 tonne municipal vehicle, if in the wrong hands, could be used as a very deadly weapon. And, due to the style of work which these vehicles are involved with, there are many times in a typical collection day when the cab of the vehicle could be left unattended. This is what led Kier to look at getting an RFID authorisation system for their fleet.

Darren Judd, Fleet and Plant Manager at Kier, found the VT IDent system following unsuccessful trials with other security systems.

“We looked at systems that use proximity detection but if tags are left in the vehicle they circumvent the security. Ident was the only security system that guarantees vehicle lockdown when the driver is away from the cab.”

VT IDent uses RFID (radio frequency identification) tags with a reader to allow access to an area of the vehicle, either the handbrake and engine or the rear machinery. The tags offered by Vision Techniques can be programmed to have different levels of authority for the various roles within the vehicle’s crew.

See how the system works in a daily operation at Kier Environmental:

The watch style design and quick presentation to the reader meant that the IDent system does not interfere with the crew’s daily routine. The security system was created not just to protect vehicles from theft but also to protect the crew of the vehicle.

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