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Vision Techniques teams up with company to lend out on lease

Posted on 15th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Lease Finance purchases products, such as reversing cameras, from Vision Techniques and then “leases” them to companies for a fixed period at a fixed monthly rental. Companies can pay the agreed initial amount followed by monthly payments for a fixed period to suit customer requirements.

Some of the products include reversing cameras, Zonesafe II – a multifunctional device that controls everything from who operates the vehicle to the level of fuel used – Banksman Radar and Auto Braking – which warns the driver of obstacles while reversing and brakes if necessary – and VT-Live.

VT ‘Live’ gives operators the chance to review incidents immediately – because the vehicle operator can simply press an ‘alert button’, which sends an e-mail or text message back to base.

Vision Techniques supplies reversing cameras to local authorities, contractors, the fire industry, the mining and quarry industries and all forms of road transport as well as private companies.