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Vision Techniques set to equip vehicles at Aylesbury Vale District Council with innovative safety equipment

Posted on 14th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Aylesbury Vale District CouncilVision Techniques will next month install the latest safety and security technology into vehicles at Aylesbury Vale District Council in Buckinghamshire.

The council has opted to install many vehicle safety features including Banksman Reversing Radar, LED Safety Light Boards and VT Live – a full service on-board digital recording camera system.

Barry Waters, Transport Manager at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “The upgrade will help the council audit vehicles more efficiently.

“It is likely to save money for numerous reasons – such as false insurance claims, and preventing reversing related accidents.”

With a GPS equipped vehicle DVR system, VT Live, means incidents can be reviewed immediately by a Transport Manager.

The incredible vehicle safety system acts as a live in-vehicle digital video recorder – with many features such as a video gateway with remote connectivity, GPS fleet tracking system, two-way push-to-talk audio and even a real-time system health check.

Not only are vehicle operators completely aware of potential problems but headquarters can check every vehicle in the entire fleet – as well as enabling simple, effective communication.

Banksman Reversing Radar is an intelligent, fully-programmable reversing radar detection system designed to provide an early warning signal – alerting the operator the potential danger.

Experts at Vision Techniques say using both VT Live and Banksman Reversing Radar will significantly reduce collisions.

Richard Marsh, of Vision Techniques, said: “The advantage to installing both the VT Live system and Banksman Reversing Radar is that the camera system’s early warning signs greatly reduces the chances of a collision.

“And with VT Live camera system you no longer have to wait until the vehicle returns to the depot to find out what happened.”

Vehicle recording systems such as VT Live and Banksman Radar are vital to ensuring vehicle safety and vehicle security.

VT Live and Banksman Reversing Radar can be used in a number of vehicles – including forklift, van, HGV, lorry and commercial vehicles.