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Vision Techniques hosts free to attend Safety Day in Rugby on 13th October

Posted on 15th Jul, 2016 by Dominic Benabda

After the overwhelming success of Safety Days held in West Dumbarton, Sunderland and Skipton, Vision Techniques have announced their next is to be held in Rugby this year.

The upcoming Midlands event has been organised to demonstrate their new systems, VT BrakeSafe and VT StopSafe, giving attendees the opportunity to get hands on experience with the new technology. Also in attendance will be Technical manager Nigel Armstrong and Vision Techniques sales team to host a Q&A session to answer any questions that may arise.

The multiple award winning, rollaway preventing VT BrakeSafe is a handbrake failsafe system unique to the road transport industry. The automatic system will apply the vehicles handbrake if the driver forgets when leaving the vehicle. As the only safety system in the marketplace that stops the vehicle moving, BrakeSafe will prevent countless numbers of rollaway and runaway incidents that could occur every year.

BrakeSafe added to its collection of awards recently when it won the Innovation Award at the Motor Transport Awards 2016. This follows winning the Innovation Award at the Tip-ex 2016 show ealier this year.

Vision Techniques’ latest system – VT StopSafe gives the vehicle crew a simple and effective way of stopping the vehicle if the driver becomes incapacitated. An emergency button can be placed on the vehicle – generally on the passenger dashboard – which if pressed will prevent acceleration and activate the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop – without any locking or skidding.

Steve Parkinson, Workshop Manager at Craven Council recently helped host the Skipton Safety day as well as helping test both safety systems explained “Every council in the country was shocked by the events in Glasgow. If a driver loses control of the vehicle it’s reassuring to know that equipment like this can step in to prevent a potential disaster.”

Feedback from all the VT Safety Days have been entirely positive, with StopSafe and BrakeSafe receiving optimistic comments from the likes of Lancaster Council, Dunbartonshire Council and more, who used words such as “very good” and “revolutionary”.

The show will take place in Rugby on the 13th October. If you would like to attend the event then please contact Pippa on 01254 679717 or by email at