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New Study Names The UK’s Top Crash-For-Cash Spots

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Posted on 13th Oct, 2017 by Ben Earnshaw

We’ve talked about crash for cash schemes a few times before, but just in case you’re not familiar with the term, we’ll bring you up to speed quickly. Sometimes known as an induced accident, crash for cash schemes involve scammers deliberately forcing a crash on unsuspecting motorists – often by suddenly pulling out in front of them – and then making a personal injury claim, usually for whiplash or similar injuries.

While HGVs aren’t involved as commonly as smaller vehicles, they’re certainly not immune, and the costs to businesses from this type of scam can be significant. Now, new statistics have come to light which highlight the areas of the UK most at risk of this type of crime.

What Do The Statistics Show?

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The Insurance Fraud Bureau, a national organisation specifically formed to fight fraud, has recently released a table of the biggest areas suffering from crash for cash schemes. Through the IFB’s research, the UK’s ‘second city’ of Birmingham topped the list. Out of the top 30 postcodes noted to be affected by the scam, exactly a third of them were within the city of Birmingham and the surrounding area. However, several locations in the North West were also found to feature heavily, including the city of Manchester and the suburban areas of Oldham and Cheetham Hill, suggesting there are parts of the North of England which still have some way to go to tackle the problem.

The IFB also found that large urban areas tended to be the favoured areas for criminals for these types of crimes, likely due to heavy traffic build-ups making it harder for victims to avoid the collisions. Well over 50,000 personal injury claims are suspected to be linked to fraudulent activities in the last year alone, costing the insurance industry a total of £340 million each year. The cost to individual victims can range from troublesome to financially devastating – which includes private individuals and businesses alike.

How Can Vision Techniques Help?

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We’ve previously written a detailed blog that informs you just how you can avoid become a crash for cash victim – you can read it in its entirety here. As well as watching for suspicious behaviour yourself, you can also take advantage of several products we stock right here at Vision Techniques, which can negate the efforts of these sorts of criminals.

One such product is VT Record, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a reliable recording device that covers the front, sides and rear of your vehicle with durable cameras, rated up to IP69 (completely resistant against water and dust). If any of your vehicles are involved in accidents, the footage provided by this solution can help you prove liability, preventing false claims and potentially saving you thousands in legal and repair costs.

VT CrashCAM is an equally surefire way to protect yourself against false claims – it’s a dashboard camera with GPS and G-sensor data, recording in flawless 1080p footage and easily reviewable through on-board software. As most crash-for-cash schemes induce accidents by pulling in front of their victims, a forward-facing on-board camera can help you effortlessly catch these criminals in the act, validating your own drivers and fleet in the process.

Everything we do here at Vision Techniques is geared towards ensuring your safety as a number one priority, so there are plenty more products in our range that you may find helpful against crash-for-cash scammers. You can view our full stock of vehicle cameras here, or give us a call on 08458 058 213 for specific help or advice.

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