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As UK Congestion Worsens, Don’t Let Unsafe Road Users Endanger Your Fleet

Posted on 7th Mar, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


With drivers in the capital spending 82 hours and counting stuck in traffic jams last year – 10 hours more than in 2012 – it’s little surprise that unsafe manoeuvres are something that we all need to be vigilant about.

And, while the overall UK figure is much lower – around 30 hours – the UK ranks as Europe’s sixth most congested country, with London second only to Brussels in the list of most congested European cities. (source: BBC/Inrix)

What do the UK’s high rates of congestion mean for your fleet?

As well as being a major inconvenience to any company with a busy commercial fleet, traffic jams represent another danger: that of road-rage and unsafe driving. As traffic builds and tempers flare, drivers are increasingly likely to execute risky manoeuvres that put other road users at risk. Whether on the motorway or on busy inner-city routes, poor judgement calls borne of frustration can lead to serious incidents.

It can be easy to let your concentration slip when sitting for long periods of time in apparently unmoving traffic. However, cyclists, pedestrians, small vehicles and motorcyclists can all be dangers hidden in plain sight. A lapse in concentration of just a few seconds could be disastrous.

Use VT Overview™ to get a 360° view around your vehicle

Our innovative VT Overview™ vehicle safety system is ideal for use in slow manoeuvres or stationary traffic. The system uses four cameras to give your drivers a complete 360° view around their vehicle, even in limited light, making it a wise choice for overnight haulage.

VT Overview™ provides a view of up to 3 metres from just one screen; this area can be defined during the system installation to best meet your fleet’s needs, and can be extended on request for HGVs and larger vehicles.

Ideal for avoiding incidents in heavy traffic, this advanced vehicle safety solution includes two audible alarms to alert the driver of the vehicle to any hazards in their blind spots, including cars, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians.

Incorporating Intelligent Scene Analysis, VT Overview™ also has a refined detection system. When a vehicle indicates left or right, Video Motion will emit an audible warning if it detects any danger (e.g. a cyclist) approaching from behind, giving the other road user time to act. The advanced system also recognises non-risk obstacles, preventing false alarms.

With its all-round vision, VT Overview™ negates the need for a separate reversing cam and offers your drivers an extra pair of eyes – or four! – to help keep them and members of the public safe on the road, and on site.

Talk to Vision Techniques About Keeping Your Fleet Safe

Has your organisation been considering a vehicle safety system or reversing camera? Talk to a member of the Vision Techniques team today and find out how VT Overview™ can help your company.

Has your fleet been involved in any incidents caused by congestion or road rage? Tell us about them in the comments below, or tweet @VisionTechnique!