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UK Cash for Crash Scams Still Going Strong

Posted on 9th Apr, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


As Thames Valley Police uncover yet another prolific “Cash for Crash” scam, Vision Techniques is warning owners of commercial fleets to be wary.

Four men have been arrested in Reading following an investigation into Cash for Crash scams in the local area. The men, aged 27, 30, 38 and 39 are being held on suspicion of fraud relating to a series of crashes that took place between March and September last year.

Cash for Crash Scams Mean Big Business

Police involved in the sting, named Operation Shunt, have seized what they describe as “a substantial amount of cash”, and have detained another man, aged 27, on suspicion of immigration offences.

Detective Inspector Louise Roddy commented on the case, saying:

“The types of offences we have been investigating present a risk to the public so this operation sends out a clear message that Thames Valley Police takes such offences seriously and will deal with any offenders robustly.”

Cash for Crash Scams: is your fleet at risk?

Well, according to the AA, it may well be.  Cash for Crash scams, in which accidents are deliberately staged by individuals or gangs looking for a hefty insurance pay-out, are big business here in the UK.

On its website, the AA notes that fraudsters tend to target those vehicles that they know are most likely to be insured. This means that expensive and well maintained cars, mums with children in the car, and commercial vehicles are particularly at risk.

Recognising a Cash for Crash claimant

The problem with accidents and traffic collisions is that everything seems to happen so fast. This is particularly pertinent in Cash for Crash incidents, which are designed to take innocent drivers by surprise.

In most road traffic ‘accidents’, if a vehicle is hit from behind by another, the driver of the car behind is usually suspected to be at fault. So in many Cash for Crash scams, con artists will brake suddenly – sometimes after swift acceleration – giving the driver behind little chance of avoiding a collision. So what can you do to protect your fleet and drivers?

Vision Techniques’ Crash Cam vehicle safety system can help!

From just £89 + VAT, you can protect your fleet from Cash for Crash scam artists with our specially developed CrashCAM™ vehicle safety system.

This forward-facing camera, which is compact and lightweight enough to be fitted to your windscreen, allows you to assess whether your driver is handling the vehicle safely and driving economically.

And, in the event of a collision, this innovative vehicle safety camera provides you with a clear, objective account of what actually happened. So no matter what your driver did or didn’t see, CrashCAM™ leaves no room for argument!

Visit the CrashCAM™ website for more information on this vehicle safety system and others in the range. Alternatively, contact a member of our team who will be happy to advise!

Has your fleet fallen victim to a Cash for Crash Scam? Tell us about it in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique.