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Posted on 20th Dec, 2018 by Dominic Benabda

While safety concerns tend to be applicable to HGVs across a wide range of industries, some are particularly acute within the municipal sector. Vehicles often have to maneuver within enclosed spaces, children out playing, and cyclists all pose safety concerns for drivers and fleet managers.Here at Vision Techniques, we’ve been dedicated to saving lives since 1988, and over the years we’ve developed a number of specialist products designed to alleviate concerns for drivers and fleet managers, helping eliminate the risk of accidents or serious injury in the course of their working day.

VT Banksman – an auto-braking/radar detection system

Our recent post touched on the benefits of VT Banksman so if you’ve read that you’ll already have a good idea of why the system is so useful.

A banksman has received specialist training and gained extensive knowledge to effectively direct the driver in tight spaces, However, even with experienced employees and when all safety procedures are in place, the job does come with risks.  It also relies on the awareness, line of sight, and reaction times of the driver to brake appropriately.

Banksman with its FMCW radar detection system automatically identifies and measures distances to objects within a certain range.   It uses significant visual and audible measures to keep the driver constantly aware of his surroundings and makes use of an auto-braking system once an object – stationary or not – enters the final ‘danger zone’ of the immediate rear perimeter.

Health and Safety guidelines often outline further measures that companies can take to streamline their working environments, in order to minimise the amount of maneuvering necessary.  However, as is often the case with municipal services – these alterations aren’t viable, making VT Banksman a great way to improve efficiency, protect your vehicle from damage, while making things safer for all involved.

VT Ident – an invaluable anti-theft and security system

By nature of their duties, municipal vehicles are often operated in open, public spaces, which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to less scrupulous members of the general public. In fact, the demonstration video for our VT Ident system uses a municipal vehicle as an example, as it showcases our product’s ability to effectively protect your fleet.

As you may be able to see from the video, the system uses programmable authorisation tags which can be granted various levels of access. Without the appropriate tag, the system in question (whether it’s the ignition or the tail lift operation) will not start. It makes VT Ident universally effective in preventing your vehicles from being tampered with or hijacked by aspiring thieves, but also has tangible benefits for your staff, too. For example, it means that specific systems are closed off from anyone unqualified to operate them, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that all potentially dangerous operations are only being undertaken by someone with the sufficient training.

VT Brakesafe – a patented anti-rollaway handbrake system

VT Brakesafe was developed specifically for the kinds of environments that municipal vehicles often find themselves. Namely, enclosed spaces with high population density or potential for property damage, often on steep hills or inclines. Brakesafe cuts down on the element of human error by using an audible warning system to alert the driver if he attempts to leave the vehicle without applying the handbrake. If for whatever reason the driver continues to leave the cabin, the system will apply the handbrake automatically, preventing vehicle in from rolling down a steep incline and causing heavy damage to whatever lies at the bottom – or even worse, loss of life.

VT TurnSafe – a useful cyclist detection safety system

Some accidents in residential areas can occasionally be attributed to carelessness. People who are close to their home tend to feel an increased sense of safety, which can lead to them being careless in ways that they might not if they were further afield. For example, children will often ride several abreast down residential roads, while older cyclists might be seen without helmets if they’re just going short distances. Municipal vehicles can pose significant threats to these road users, and the most dangerous part is that drivers can only do so much to mitigate these threats without automated assistance.

All products in our range of TurnSafe cyclist safety systems have been designed to help drivers further increase their awareness of their immediate surroundings, with the use of various alarms and radars to effectively remove blind spots around the vehicle, drastically reducing the chances of a serious collision that might – in particularly tragic cases – prove fatal.

If you have a safety requirement or goal for your municipal fleet beyond those key points, our experts at Vision Techniques here to help. Give us a call on 08455 641 236, and we’ll be happy to see what we can do or sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date