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Safety Day South: All You Need To Know

Posted on 16th May, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Following on from the successful Safety Roadshow 2016, Vision Techniques will be doing more Safety Days in 2017. The first one of 2017 is taking place at the Thruxton Motorsport Centre on 15th June.

Vision Techniques are coming to the south to demonstrate their new and popular vehicle safety systems. The event will include key speakers in the industry, giving information about various aspects of fleet management and road safety. Many key players in the industry are also working with Vision Techniques on the day to provide live demonstrations of the safety systems.

Biffa, British Gypsum, Oxfordshire County Council, Kier and WJ are all working with Vision Techniques for the Southern Safety Day, each vehicle fitted with various safety systems. Attendees are able to see how these innovations work in a real environment and see how useful they can be to keep staff and the public safe.

Some of the speakers include Ruth Waring from Labyrinth Logistics, speaking about compliance, and Jason Airey from CMS Supatrak, explaining the Get Connected service. Get Connected is a service offered by the partnership of Vision Techniques, CMS Supatrak and VWS.

There will also be a Question Time session with Kirk Ennis, from British Gypsum, David Maidman, from Biffa, and Darren Judd, from Kier Group. They are all customers of Vision Techniques and will be going through their experience with the vehicle safety specialists.

The full schedule of the day can be found below.



The Safety Day South takes place on the 15th June at the Thruxton Motorsport Centre. If you would like to attend please sign up by clicking here or call Pippa Perrin on 01254 679717 or via email at