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Rotherham Borough Council solves its vehicle security problems with VT ‘Live’ – an on-board digital video recording system

Posted on 14th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Rotherham CouncilFor Rotherham Borough Council, installing the innovative mobile recording camera system,” VT ‘Live’, into its waste disposal vehicles has been a huge success.

The council, which had issues around operative safety and a number of unfounded claims made against it, needed a vehicle recording camera system for both security and safety.

After using the system for three months Rotherham Borough Council intends to install VT ‘Live’ in all of its waste disposal and kerbside collection vehicles.

Craig Simpson, Transport Manager at Rotherham Council, said: “It’s been a real benefit to the council.

“As well as increasing vehicle and crew safety, it’s working to reduce claims made against us.

“Previously, the whole investigation process was impossible to conduct. But now we can monitor it and prove whether there was an issue or not.”

With GPS equipped digital video recorders (DVR) such as VT ‘Live’, incidents can be reviewed immediately – because the vehicle operator can simply press an ‘alert button’, which sends an e-mail or text message back to base.

The incredible vehicle safety system acts as a live in-vehicle digital video recorder – with many features such as a Video Gateway with remote connectivity, GPS fleet tracking system, two-way push-to-talk audio and even a real-time system health check.

This means people monitoring the vehicles can track the exact location of the entire fleet. And the vehicle operators will be completely aware of potential problems. Both base and vehicle operators can easily communicate.

Experts at Vision Techniques advise councils to consider using VT ‘Live’ as their main DVR.

Steve Perrin, Manager at Vision Techniques, said: “It’s a great system for several reasons. No wonder it worked so well for Rotherham Borough Council.

“One advantage, of course, is that when you use VT ‘Live’ vehicle DVR’ you no longer have to wait until the vehicle returns to the depot to find out what happened.

“And features such as the real-time health check makes VT ‘Live’ the very best in vehicle safety equipment.”

Rotherham Borough Council is extremely pleased with all the help and support Vision Techniques offered.

Mr Simpson said: “Vision Techniques have offered us excellent customer service and support and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Vehicle recording systems such as VT ‘Live’ are vital to ensuring vehicle safety and vehicle security.

VT ‘Live’ can be used in numerous vehicles – acting as, for example, van security or a truck DVR