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Removing blind spots with Vision Techniques technology

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Posted on 13th Nov, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may have noticed that earlier this month we announced our £1m contract with leading environmental solutions provider, Veolia. The contract will mean that every Veolia refuse vehicle will be fitted with products to enhance driver awareness when turning, and remove blind spots, reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclists on the roads.

Blind spots: The dangers

Blind spots are usually the culprit behind accidents on the road and incidents most commonly occur when HGV’s turn left into a road and struggle to see a cyclist sitting in an unsighted area to the side or just in front and to the side. Blind spots cause major problems on the front diagonal and sides of the lorry and incidents occur when cyclists position themselves at the front diagonal of the lorry while waiting at traffic lights or junctions. As the cyclist is within the HGV’s blind spot, there’s a risk that when turning left the lorry could go over the cyclist.

Reducing accidents with modern technology

While there is legislation that requires the fitting and retrofitting of mirrors to lorries, this isn’t always enough. The government are now encouraging all firms with HGV’s to upgrade their vehicles with technology, like detection systems, to reduce blind spot dangers – much like the products we design here at Vision Techniques. Products like camera systems, to display the area behind the vehicle on a screen in the driver’s cab, and LED lights fitted by wing mirrors that flash when a vehicle like a bikes enters the lorry’s blind spot are all technologies that are proving to work.

VT blind spot solutions

We like to create forward-thinking, innovative products to address the road safety problems of today, and a number of our products tackle the issue of poor blind spot visibility with their design and features. Here are just a few of our popular products:

VT TurnSafe

The TurnSafe suite of products help to remove blind spots, detect cyclists and make road users more aware of your presence. The product range consists of:

TurnAlarm – for audible visual awareness, alerting cyclists and pedestrians of your presence with high intensity LED lights and a speaker alarm system.

TurnSensor – for detecting moving objects closer to your side, alerting you, the driver, visually and audibly and consequently preventing turning accidents.

TurnCamera – for increasing blind spot visibility through use of a camera in your vehicle that covers your blind spot.

VT Overview

The VT Overview system uses four cameras to give you a complete coverage around the vehicle, enabling you to spot cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians with ease – even at night. If you do miss a key moment on the road, VT Overview will alert you with an audible alarm, making sure you are well aware if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters a danger blind spot on either side of your vehicle.

VT MotionEye

VT MotionEye is a cutting-edge reversing system that detects moving hazards in all rear blind spots and clearly highlights them to the driver, alerting them with an audible alarm. While used most commonly in the quarrying industry rather than typical roads, it still addresses the issue of fatalities on quarrying sites.

To find out anymore about any of our products, give the team a call on give the team a call on 01254 679 717

Do you use any technology to remove those problem blind spot areas? If so, tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique