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Psychological Savvy Meets Cycling Safety

Posted on 21st Apr, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


When it comes to safety solutions, simple is often best – as we’ve discussed previously here on the Vision Techniques blog! While our vehicle safety technology incorporates the latest high-tech components, the ideas behind our products are usually just simple and sensible safety measures put into clever practice.

This week on the blog, we’re taking a look at another development on the cyclist safety front – one that uses psychology to save crucial seconds on the road.

Behavioural psychologist has lightbulb moment

Behavioural psychologist Crawford Hollingworth usually finds himself using his talents to help businesses grow their customer base. But, as a keen cyclist – and bike-based commuter – he recently chose to apply his knowledge to a very different area:

“I was about to cross Hyde Park Corner, one of the junctions in the city that scares me most, and noticed the little bike on the special set of traffic lights.

“I suddenly thought, ‘there it is, a symbol that everybody knows that could have the power to unlock the brain.’”

This lightbulb moment led to Hollingworth creating a brand new cycling safety product – one that he hopes will make London’s streets a safer place to be.

Brainy Bike Lights – giving road users precious extra seconds

Just like any other cycle lights, Hollingworth’s Brainy Bike Lights are white at the front and red at the rear – but with one crucial difference: each of the ultra-bright LED lights has the image of a cyclist  stencilled on to it.

Speaking about his idea, Hollingworth says:

“[A Brainy Bike Light] means a driver does not have to decide what a light or shape belongs to, because their brain gets that information milliseconds faster, hopefully giving them time to adjust their behaviour.”

And as many road-users are all too aware, those split seconds can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding a collision.

The VT Overview™ vehicle safety system: 360° vision when you need it most

While cyclists work to play their part in reducing the risk of collisions with other road users, it’s vital that goods vehicle drivers and commercial fleet owners take responsibility too.

VT Overview™ is a state-of-the-art vehicle safety system by Vision Techniques that offers HGV and other large vehicle drivers a comprehensive view of what’s happening around their vehicle.

Combining high-tech vehicle safety cameras with a high definition display image and audio alarms, VT Overview™ highlights potential dangers to drivers, giving them an extra pair of eyes, eliminating their blind-spots and offering them vital extra moments to avoid potential collisions.

The VT Overview™ vehicle safety system is particularly suited to:

  • Freight vehicles
  • HGVs and other goods vehicles
  • Buses and coaches
  • Quarrying and mining vehicles
  • Municipal waste vehicles

For more information on VT Overview™, why not talk to a member of the Vision Techniques team today? Contact us by email or call (0)8452 873 169 to discuss your fleet’s needs with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Do you struggle to spot cyclists on the road? Will the Brainy Bike Light help? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @VisionTechnique.