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Prevent incidents with mobile DVR systems, reversing sensors, alarms and cameras

Posted on 25th Jul, 2012 by Jonathan Peach

Invest in Vision Techniques’ extremely cost effective, easy-to-use mobile DVR for vans and trucks – mobile DVR (digital video recorder), which will save you a huge amount of money.

For an extremely low price you can prevent false claims and monitor driver performance by recording your journey.

With a mobile DVR video record of journeys, you will have proof against fraudulent claims for investigations into accidents and incidents, breaches of health and safety and unsafe working practices or personal injury claims.

Mobile DVRs are vital to ensuring safety and security.

With Vision Techniques mobile DVR systems, you can:

1. Save money with a camera video record of any accidents or incidents that may have taken place, preventing false and fraudulent claims.

2. Prove, without question, operational incidents that occur ‘on-site’ and ‘out of sight’.

3. Possess video evidence against fraudulent claims

4. Assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely.

5. Identify potential hazards and risks and aid in investigations

6. Take appropriate action to avoid incidents and accidents by identifying potential problems

Cameras from Vision Techniques can also be utilised as reversing camera systems to help large vehicles with manoeuvring.

Reversing alarms from Vision Techniques

With the cost effective reversing alarms from Vision Techniques, you can minimise accidents causing when reversing.

When a vehicle is put into reverse, an alarm will sound to ensure people are aware of it.

At Vision Techniques, there are a number of reversing alarms available including traditional bleeping alarms, some with volume changing capabilities.

Talking alarms are also becoming popular because they can be tailored for specific uses.

Cost effective reversing camera systems

For a clear view when reversing it is important to invest in a reversing camera for your vehicle.

Reversing camera systems are successful throughout all transport industries for that reason.

The very latest technology is incorporated in Vision Techniques’ reversing cameras.

Reversing camera systems are affordable, highly dependable and versatile. They are ideal to watch pedestrians and other common objects moving behind the machine.

Reversing sensors from Vision Techniques

Vision Techniques has a variety of reversing radar systems designed to detect obstacles and warn drivers of the impending danger.

In fact, Vision Techniques takes this technology to the next level and actually includes visual warnings, audible alarms and an auto braking system to the reversing sensors.

Banksman Auto Braking is so advanced that it can even tell the difference between humans and objects to minimise false alarms

The reversing sensors can even recognise the speed of approach.

Reversing sensors detecting potential hazards entering a defined rear protection zone.

The radar head, which is mounted atop of the vehicle emits a low energy microwave beam, which is reflected by an object/hazard as the vehicle reverses.

Vision Techniques prides itself on the quality and intrinsic reliability of its entire range of vehicle based safety solutions.

Every product undergoes extensive and rigorous testing prior to dispatch, or installation by one of the technical engineers, in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

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