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Newham Council refutes false claims with VT Live™

Posted on 18th Jul, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Newham CouncilVT Live™ has been helping Newham Council to disprove a large number of potentially damaging fraudulent claims.

The council, who were finding it extremely difficult to prevent false claimants, was in clear need of a better way of gathering evidence during investigations into accidents and incidents, breaches of health and safety/unsafe working practices and personal injury claims.

That’s why they decided VT Live™ would be a money saving investment for them.

“During a routine inspection, the Health and Safety Executive said 360° camera systems improve our fleet,” said Newham Council’s Waste Collections Manager, David Humphries.

“So, when we decided to invest in a new fleet, we asked the main contractor to provide options for a four camera system.

“We had several options, but we finally choose Vision Techniques. A major factor in our decision was that VT Live™ has the option to record and stream live.”

With the 360° CCTV camera system installed on 27 refuse vehicles for over a year now, Mr Humphries, says it is saving the council a huge amount in reduced claims.

He said: “Prior to installing VT Live™, our investigations were not always conclusive due to lack of solid evidence.

“But VT Live has allowed us to prove a number of bogus claims as well as helping us to reduce costs.”

VT Live™ is the very latest cutting edge 360° CCTV camera system, allowing fleet managers to defend, track and train. It works by streaming live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

Footage can be quickly viewed at the click of a button whilst vehicles continue with their daily duties.

Accident and incidents are all but eradicated because managers are instantly aware of any unsafe practices and can re-train or educated accordingly.

It even alerts operators of potential faults with vehicle-mounted cameras to ensure critical incidents are not missed due to faulty equipment.

All these features allow Newham Council to save money in reduced accidents, less equipment needed and fewer false claims.

Andy Kelly, Business Development Manager at Vision Techniques, said: “An investigation process can be very difficult to conduct with any conclusive evidence.

“But, with VT Live™, it’s easy to prove whether there was a fraudulent claim or not – incidents can be reviewed immediately.”