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The new TurnSafe range: Alarm, Sensor & Camera


Posted on 3rd Mar, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

Over the past six months the media has put a spotlight on cyclist safety in busy city centres and one outcome has been the introduction of the safer lorry scheme.

We’ve been working at improving our range of cyclist awareness and detection systems to create a full selection of products that will help reduce the amount of accidents when driving in city centres.




TurnAlarm: Audible Visual Awareness

Make cyclists and pedestrians more aware of you when making difficult turns by using our high intensity LED lights and speaker alarm system.






TurnSensor: Side Detection System

Locate danger down the side of your vehicle, including in your blind spot – by installing ultrasonic proximity sensors that detect any obstacles.






TurnCamera: Blind Spot Visibility

Install a camera to your vehicle that captures your blind spot, but only when turning left or right – so it won’t distract you when driving.



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