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Live demonstrations at the CV Show 2017

Posted on 4th Apr, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Vision Techniques will be attending the CV Show again this year and for the first time ever will have a vehicle on stand demonstrating all of their systems. They will be on stand 4H76 with BrakeSafe, TurnAware, and VT Record being highlighted this year.

Vision Techniques have exhibited at the CV Show numerous times, however this will be the first time they have had a fully operational vehicle on stand with their safety systems installed onto. This will allow attendees to see the systems working in real time and even test it themselves.


British Gypsum have worked in partnership with Vision Techniques to showcase the vehicle on stand this year. British Gypsum is the first company to have the new BrakeSafe system installed onto their vehicles.


Kirk Ennis from British Gypsum shared his thoughts on the BrakeSafe system. “It is a product that we can’t move away from, it’s something that we need that supports our business strategy. It is the first time I am aware of that you can actually have a trigger that is recorded that tells you that the handbrake has not been applied and there is a potential for a rollaway.”

BrakeSafe is the only system that will actually prevent a runaway from happening rather than simply warning the driver. The vehicle handbrake is automatically applied if the driver forgets it when leaving the vehicle, recognising multiple sensor inputs including the door position, whether the vehicle is running and if the driver is sitting on the seat. The internationally patented system is a ‘one of a kind’, as no other system is able to actually prevent a rollaway from happening. The technology is also suitable for all makes and models of large vehicle and is suitable for new install or retrofit.


TurnAware is the main cyclist safety system that will be demonstrated on stand. This system is an innovation of cyclist detection systems, using video analytics to identify potential dangers rather than ultrasonics. It can also be triggered with the indicator so that it only notifies the driver when it is really needed, reducing driver overload.

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VT Record is the DVR system that will be connected to vehicle with multiple cameras and a live stream setup to a device on stand.


VT Record is an in-vehicle mobile video recording solution engineered to prove liability, provide evidence and prevent false claims, saving you thousands whilst supporting your drivers and staff. It has 4-8 camera support, GPS, trigger reporting and 3G/4G connectivity. Fleet managers can see what’s happening with their fleet from their laptop, giving them more control over their fleet.

How has vehicle recording technology advanced?

Vision Techniques will be on stand 4H76 for the event happening 25th to 27th April which, like previous years, is being held at the NEC.


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