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Eyes on the road: How dashcams are deterring false claims

Eyes on the road: How dashcams are deterring false claims

Posted on 30th Dec, 2016 by Ben Earnshaw

Car insurance fraud – including  “crash for cash” scams – costs the insurance industry almost £400 million a year. Motorists, however, are beginning to make a stand – investing in vehicle technology to protect themselves. Dashboard cameras are one of the technologies on the rise – with commercial and municipal vehicles already seeing a decline in “crash for cash” claims against them thanks to their use.

What are dash cams and how can they help?

Eyes on the road: How dashcams are deterring false claims

Dash cams are as they sound – dashboard-mounted cameras that record activity on the road while a vehicle is in motion. Capturing every second of an event, a dash cam can instantly provide evidence and proof as to who was at fault in the event of a claim.

Due to an increase in fraudulent scams, the use of dash cams has now doubled. A study by the RAC suggests that around 2.9 million road users now use dash cams to protect against insurance fraud.

With dash cams now being widely used across the UK, the number of “crash for cash” scams has begun to slow down. Dash cams are a subtle threat to potential criminals, proving a victim’s case to both police and insurers.

Dash cams also pick up the latest craze of “flash for cash”, where a criminal holds back at a junction – flashing you through – before driving into you. Video from a well-placed dash cam can pick up the criminal activity of this too.

While dash cams can’t stop accidents from happening, they can certainly help. They help a driver be more aware of other road users and their actions and will certainly dissuade fraudsters from carrying out such scams.


“Crash for cash” scams uncovered

There has been a number of fraudulent “crash for cash” scams uncovered thanks to dash cam use in the UK. Earlier this year, Herefordshire Police investigated a major incident on the A41 after dash cam footage revealed a vehicle swerved into an innocent motorist’s car. On another occasion, in Manchester, a woman received a 14 month suspended prison sentence after being caught inducing a collision. Again, the footage was caught on the victim’s dashboard camera.


Dash cams at Vision Techniques

At Vision Techniques, we’ve got a variety of fantastic dashboard cameras, designed to provide that all-important footage. Within our product range, you’ll find six vehicle CCTV cameras, with a range of features to meet your needs. We particularly like the VT56 Ball Vehicle Camera, which helps eliminate any blind spots while capturing continuous footage.

Our product range also includes some more advanced technologies, like our CrashCAM PLUS and VT Live. The former is built with “crash for cash” scams in mind and features an HD video recorder, while the latter boasts real-time vehicle CCTV.

Don’t forget that we have specialist reversing cameras too! Shop the range today.

Do you use any of the dash cams available at Vision Techniques? If so, tell us which product you use and how it’s helped you over on Twitter @VisionTechniques