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Ensure cyclist safety with HGV cycle safety technology

hgv cycle safety technology

Posted on 25th Jun, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

With cyclist safety still being high on the Vision Techniques agenda, we thought we’d take a closer look at HGV cycle safety technology and how it can decrease the number of accidents on the road.

While the number of HGV drivers is only a small minority on Britain’s roads, between them they drive for the most hours and for the longest distances than any other vehicle type. Combine their awkward size and shape with this and you’re looking at one of the biggest risk factors to cyclist safety.

HGV and cyclist collision risks – and how to prevent them

Risk #1 Blind Spots

One of the biggest problems for HGV drivers is their elevated position on the road, making it hard for them to spot other road users. Cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles can be hard to spot by a HGV driver.

Vision Techniques Solution: TurnAware

turnaware blog

Revealed earlier this year, this cyclist detection system helps drivers to detect vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, with a video analytics system that flags up any potential dangers. The system reveals just what’s going on in a driver’s blind spot, using light and motion sensors.

When in use, the driver will be able to identify whether a cyclist is moving towards their vehicle and will be warned about the approach, preventing potential accidents from occurring.

Risk #2 Left Turns

Left turns are the culprits of most incidents that involve blind spots and lorries in the UK. The problems occur when the cyclist becomes hidden in a blind spot area to the side and to the front of a HGV vehicle. Here, a cyclist can potentially be pulled under the back wheels of the lorry as it cuts the corner.

Vision Techniques Solution: TurnAlarm

vt blog turnalarm

This HGV cycle safety technology is part of the TurnSafe range. It makes cyclists and pedestrians more aware of your presence as you make difficult turns, through the use of bright LED lights and a speaker alarm system.

Risk #3 Visibility

Another huge risk for cyclist and HGV collision on the roads is cyclist visibility. While it’s important for a HGV driver to take measures to maintain road safety, it’s also key that a cyclist acts in an appropriate manner by wearing high visibility clothing and riding in a safe manner.

Vision Techniques Solution: TurnSign

turnsign blog

The TurnSign is a rear-installed LED warning light, around 30cm in length, designed for large vehicles such as HGVs. The high intensity LED can be installed to flash when the driver indicates or it can be set to flash all the time.

‘The standard flashing warning is set to say ‘CYCLISTS – WARNING’, but the bespoke nature of the product means it can be tailored to say anything you want.

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