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The Ealing Runaway that could have been stopped

Posted on 30th Jun, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

On June 1st, a lorry had a mind of its own as it rolled into the front of a pub in Ealing without a driver at the wheel. The incident threatened peoples safety and damaged the pub’s propiety, and it called could have been prevented with BrakeSafe.

On a summer evening on 1st June, pub-goers had to scramble over tables and chairs infront of the Common Room, a popular pub in Ealing, to get out of the way of a runaway lorry.

Video footage showed how drivers and pedestrians frantically moved out of the path of the lorry before it smashed into the front of the Common Room pub.

The driver can be seen chasing after the vehicle, trying to bring it under control which has been proven to be a very dangerous thing to do. The lorry began to roll away when the driver got out without applying the handbrake.

The owner of the pub said his customers were “lucky to be alive” after the vehicle ploughed into the front of the pub, causing lots of damage.

BrakeSafe, a runaway prevention system, could have prevented all of this as soon as the driver tried to get out of the vehicle without applying the handbrake.

BrakeSafe has a sequence of sensors that must be activated before it intervenes, preventing unnecessary activation. BrakeSafe will prevent dangerous and possibly fatal runaways by automatically applying the brake if the vehicle operator forgets to and then attempts to leave the vehicle.

The runaway system won four awards in 2016, including the Motor Transport Innovation Award. The system is VCA Reg 10 and 13 certified.

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