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Differences Between VT Stopsafe And Brakesafe

safety at a glance differences between vt stopsafe and brakesafe

Posted on 9th Mar, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

At Vision Techniques, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of safety solutions to help protect the physical wellbeing of road users and pedestrians alike. VT Stopsafe and VT Brakesafe are just two of these solutions. Although they both dramatically improve road safety, they each do it in quite separate and distinct ways.

Looking At Our VT Stopsafe Vehicle Safety System

vt stopsafe

In a nutshell, the core function of VT Stopsafe is to bring a moving HGV to a safe, controlled halt in the event that the driver loses control. This could be due to illness, loss of consciousness or a variety of other reasons. Instead of placing sole responsibility for the entire vehicle in the hands of the driver, a button is placed within easy reach of the vehicle’s crew or passengers. Use of this button – whether by the driver or passengers – engages the VT Stopsafe system, which applies the brakes in a controlled manner to bring the HGV to a complete halt. It’s important to note that it doesn’t simply slam the brakes on full immediately, which would lock the wheels without actually affecting forward momentum, potentially leading to a jackknife. Instead, control is emphasised at all stages, which means that the brakes are applied in a relatively gradual way that slows the actual momentum of the HGV in order to bring it to a complete halt.

A Brief Examination Of Our VT Brakesafe Safety System

vt brakesafe

On the other hand, Brakesafe is an entirely autonomous failsafe system aimed at preventing runaway vehicles due to human error, specifically in regards to the handbrake. Whether the ignition is on or off, if the driver attempts to leave the cab without applying the handbrake, the system kicks in and automatically does so for him, while simultaneously sounding an audible warning. Forgetting to apply the handbrake is a simple, basic error that many drivers make every day, but the unfortunate fact is that for HGV drivers it can have particularly serious consequences – due to their size and weight, HGVs can pose a potentially deadly threat. A runaway vehicle scenario can be a particularly tangible danger when parked on inclines, and by mitigating the major cause of the problem, VT Brakesafe helps to protect everything from personal and public property to actual human lives.

The Difference Between The Two Systems

The main difference between Stopsafe and Brakesafe is that they’re each designed to tackle separate problems – one with regards to a vehicle in motion, and one in regards to preventing a stationary one becoming mobile. Their methods of activation also differ; one is manually engaged by the driver or crew, whereas the other is never disengaged at all. However, although each product addresses a distinctive problem, they’re both equally effective at making things safer. It’s possible to install both on old and new vehicles alike, and as an added bonus they’re not mutually exclusive, so drivers can take advantage of both systems to make their vehicles doubly safer.

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