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Delivering fuel without a handbrake equals runaway vehicle

Posted on 9th Apr, 2018 by Dominic Benabda

This driver forgot to apply the handbrake before unloading his vehicle, causing a large amount of fuel to be spilled all over the road due to a runaway vehicle. The clean up process and loss of fuel will have easily cost this company thousands.

Even more shocking is how the driver attempts to bring the vehicle to a stop by running in front of the out-of-control vehicle to jump in the cab. This incident could have easily ended with serious injury or death.

It could have been prevented with BrakeSafe, the runaway prevention system. BrakeSafe prevents vehicle rollaways by automatically applying the handbrake if the driver forgets to when leaving the vehicle. The system uses multiple sensors – including door position, seat pressure and movement – to recognise the potential for a possible runaway, and applies the handbrake and warns the driver. The system is automated and has been developed to trigger when a runaway could happen but not to interfere with the driver during their normal operation.