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Compliance Checklist For Christmas Drivers

Posted on 6th Dec, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Safety is our top priority here at Vision Techniques, and we know it is for you too. Seasonal sales spikes means that many fleet operators are looking at taking on extra drivers for the festive season, and to that end the Licence Bureau has released a compliance checklist to help companies ascertain that their temporary drivers are up to scratch in terms of the confidence, competence and overall safety of their driving.

The Checklist

The Licence Bureau is an agency which provides a number of licence-checking services for employers, using information provided through the DVLA. Their experience has helped them devise a particularly comprehensive checklist, which we’ve rendered in its entirety for you below:

  1. Always check the licence of the driver in question. If they’ve earned their licence abroad, take particular care to ensure they’re appropriately qualified to drive the vehicle in question, and that they’re confident enough to do so
  2. Make your stance clear on the number of hours your drivers are permitted to work, and reinforce the importance of taking regular breaks to allow them to take adequate rest. Not only does overtiredness prove a deadly threat on the roads, but even a minor accident can have severe repercussions for your company.
  3. Ensure that all your drivers are familiar with UK roads, and don’t be afraid to test their knowledge of the Highway Code. If you deem it necessary, instruct them to drive you for a short distance so you can assess the quality of their driving before they begin working for you in earnest.
  4. Emphasise the strictness of your zero-tolerance policy towards drink and drugs when driving.
  5. Remind drivers that spot-checks of their vehicles will be carried out regularly, and they should take care to check key safety features like brakes, tyres and lights on a daily basis.

A Few Words Of Advice From Vision Techniques

Fleet operators shouldn’t be tempted to lower their recruitment standards just because they’re employing temporary drivers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that all your drivers have to be competent in nighttime conditions for long distances, so it’s worth testing their proficiency in adverse weather, too.

At Vision Techniques, we stock a number of products with a track record of usefulness to both drivers and fleet operators. For drivers there’s our flagship product StopSafe; in the event that a driver is incapacitated, the StopSafe system allows the passenger to press an emergency button that engages the brakes in a firm but gradual manner, preventing the possibility of skidding or jack-knifing while bringing the vehicle safely to a halt.

Meanwhile, there are several options available to fleet operators for monitoring the performance and driving behaviours of their employees. These include VT Record, a system which covers the front, rear and sides of the vehicle with durable and waterproof cameras, which can relay visual information to help improve driver training.

Feel free to browse our full range of vehicle safety products for a variety of other safety solutions, or give our sales team a call on 08452 873 173 if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help!

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